How To Grow Your Business Without Working More


From all right. So today's this question comes from Romilda and Ra mildew rates. Hey Marie love your stuff. Thank you for all the information and the inspiration this week. Exactly acquiesced a year ago. I started vegetarian. And organic catering service in the Netherlands. Check it out. These are my three main activities of Veggie. Gee Organic meals on wheels by Life Messenger four times a week catering for smaller and larger groups on weekends and food and cooking workshops occasionally. That's a lot of short term planning veggie harvesting shopping and cooking to do. I'm caught up in what everyday demands and there's very little room left in my head to look ahead and and see where I'm heading with this business so I- boldly went hired a second cook for one or two days a week although I can't really afford it yet I wanNA use those days to work on bigger projects for for the future that I believe and hope we'll bring in more money. Plus these are things that I would really love to do. But it's impossible to set up in the current cooking frenzy. I was wondering hiring. If you could tell me something about your experience with this. Does it pay to pay somebody. This is an awesome freaking question. Because it's something that every small business owner struggles as with especially when you're first starting out right because you're doing everything yourself so to answer your question yes it does pay to pay people. But here's the thing so you have to design your business with the end in mind. What does that mean your business needs to give you freedom from two things time and money? That means that you can't do everything everything yourself. Otherwise you'RE GONNA burn out remember as an entrepreneur. You're building something that needs to go. Beyond your individual efforts WanNa build an entity that really lives and breathes on on its own version need to reengineer the way that you're thinking about your business you WanNa start engineering it work

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