parents Putting Their Kids In Danger By Not Vaccinating


Dr John Williams sue as the chief of pediatric infectious disease at UPMC children's Hey doc how are you this morning I'm great how are you doctor this as a scare you as well well it does as a pediatrician you know I live here for many kids in my career over the last twenty five years who suffered and even died from influenza and many were otherwise healthy kids so it's a very serious disease unless worry for my own for kids because I make sure they get a flu shot every year like my wife and I do you know it's fascinating that you should bring this up all I do is post these numbers on my Facebook page in these anti vaccine is go off I don't know what the hell I'm talking about people get sick from the vaccine Hey doctor what's going on in our culture where parents actually jeopardize their kids life over crap information they get from the unit Sir well I think it's it's a couple of things one is that you know as parents all parents we want to keep our kids safe and it's easy to be scared by things you see or hear about on the internet and even though in a typical year in this country several hundred kids die from flu dash for too many but it's a small number so most parents don't know anybody who's died of a vaccine preventable diseases because vaccines are very successful and so they don't feel as scared about that as they do about things they see on the internet and they can't always judge which accurate what's not accurate there's also just a couple of minutes out there vaccines have been proven not to cause autism vaccine the flu vaccine doesn't make you sick and vaccines are not big money makers a lot of people see all which is the former companies making money vaccines are less than two percent of the pharmaceutical industry profit they could drop all vaccines tomorrow and it would be a blip in their radar Hey doc about the folks who say well you know you know this is a new strain of this vaccine doesn't work for that anyway so it doesn't matter if I get the flu shot they're not totally wrong so the flu vaccine is very good but not great the problem is the flu changes every year and experts from around the world and in the U. S. half to decide about six months ahead of time what they think is going to come around that fall so this flu vaccine that we have right now was decided back in the spring it's a very educated guess but it is not always perfect and so it's not always a perfect match for the vaccine that circulates the thing is that some protection is a lot better than no protection and there is good evidence that even if the vaccine is not a good match it's still reduces the severity of disease how many do you want to have no guards when the raiders com or you won't have a few guards from the invaders come you're better with a few guards what about the symptoms doctor if you see your kids getting symbols what we look for well of course runny nose and cough most kids with flu are going to have a fever so all from kids with the flu will have more fever oval seem a little bit sick or than they will with other common colds Hey is there who work well if they're a flu and other over the counter things like that can help with the symptoms of flu so they have things like decongestants to dry up your stuffy runny nose and cough suppressants to keep you from coughing you know this can help you when I go to work during the day so we're not dripping snot everywhere right and I can help you sleep at night because you're not coughing so much but they don't do anything to actually treat the virus the best way to deal with that is to get a vaccine ahead of time she'll get a sick with the virus Dr oz blue glass lamps in the table talking like kids about this because I want them to know this is serious stuff almost five thousand acid I think Americans are blown away when you tell them twenty five thousand people die a year from the flu are they not Dr well yeah it's it's twenty five to fifty thousand it's flu is in the top ten causes of death every year and people are completely blown away because people think about you know all the horrible things another bad diseases now for older people and I might be heading towards a group myself you know there are other things like heart disease and cancer but for younger adults and kids Lou is right up there and yet it's not on most people's radar why is that what happens here where we hang on the flu Sir well I think you know it it doesn't sort of it only comes around once a year and it doesn't really make for individual cases you know that horrible crash on the turnpike lastly see a multi vehicle crash that was all over the national news right a bunch of people died it's a sudden van everything's oh my god I better drive carefully the term I can wear my seatbelt but when you see these kind of impersonal numbers even though they're big they sell the CDC says there's already been five thousand deaths well it's nobody I know so it doesn't seem real and so I think if we saw I mean to me personally I think of all the children of care for who have been hospitalized in the wind died it's very realistic pediatrician but I think to the average citizen that's why it's not on the radar because it seems remote and distant such as John Wayne she's a pediatric infectious diseases at children's UPMC Hey doc why are most of the deaths older folks in children well that's two reasons one is just weaker immune systems young kids have weaker immune systems and older people have weaker immune systems they're more likely to get a secondary bacterial pneumonia on top of the flow and you know for young kids we're not nearly as good as we should be getting on the vaccine because too many people think well it's just the flow Hey Douglas vaccination rate I hate to put you on the spot here no vaccine rations vaccination rate overall in the country of the people who should get vaccinated only about half of those who should get vaccinated do give us the latest so as a society we're not doing a great job and it's not just protecting ourselves and our kids who get the vaccine we're protecting our fellow citizens our fellow Americans you know people with weak immune systems those younger kids in those older adults we just mentioned me getting a flu shot helps protect me from getting the flu them so I'm not just doing it for me and doing it for the people around me doctor Williams your fantastic Sir thank you so much I thank you for making people aware of this wash your hands get a flu shot it is not too late in the season I'm in

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