Florence Pugh on Little Women, Oscar Nomination & Meryl Streep - Jimmy Kimmel Live



Top five films of the year. I can't believe that I'm so in line with the academy but my top five were all nominated for best picture parasite the Irishman Mary Story Little Women. And once upon a time in Hollywood and I am grateful that little women at least wasn't completely overlook getting six nominations that one for director Jour- obviously is one the bugs me and I also think it was surely one of the best edited films of the year but happy about Florence pugh and some of the other nominations at got yeah definitely Florence. Pew is someone. I voted for best adapted. Screenplay was a no brainer so I'm glad to see that they honored little women there as well and there were things that I was happy about also I mean it. It isn't all gloom and doom for me five of films that made my top ten of twenty nineteen were recognized in major categories so best picture nominations for parasite the the Irishman and Joe. Joe Rabbit. Those were all my top. Ten best actor nod for Antonio Banderas in pain and glory. I mean it seems like you shouldn't have to say this but I was worried just because it's a Spanish language performance It might be overlooked or relegated to the sidelines. So I'm glad that didn't happen. And best original screenplay nomination for for my number nine film of the year. Ryen Johnson's knives out. We talked about the intricacy and the cleverness yet also the entertainment factor actor all coming together in that screenplay so it had to get that

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