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US senators clash over witnesses at Trump impeachment trial


For just the third time in American history a US president is on trial in the Senate with president trump impeachment trial officially under way Linda Kenyon reports there's a lot at stake for the president's legacy and the twenty twenty election it began in the Senate chamber with the official presentation of the articles of impeachment with one of the chief house impeachment managers outlining the charges against president trump president trump solicited the interference of a foreign government Ukraine in the twenty twenty United States presidential election then representative Adam Schiff the chairman of the house intelligence committee described the second article of impeachment obstruction of Congress no president has ever ordered the complete defiance of an impeachment and Cory or sought to obstruct and impede so comprehensively the ability of the house of representatives to investigate high crimes and misdemeanors on the other side of the capitol building house speaker Nancy Pelosi was addressing the issue of whether the Republican controlled Senate must take into account recent new evidence and allow witness testimony in the trial they don't see documents they don't hear from my witnesses are they don't want they want a can or anything new that comes up what's come up includes a statement from the government accountability office that says the trump administration broke the law when it withheld US security aid to Ukraine last year that had been appropriated by Congress house minority leader Kevin McCarthy dismissed this new revelation saying the house had its chance they made their case for impeachment the Senate role now is the judge in the afternoon a harsh envelop the Senate chamber as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts entered senators I attend the Senate in conformity with your notice for the purpose of joining with you for the trial of the president of the United States justice Roberts who will preside over the president's impeachment trial was administered the oath by the president pro tem of the Senate Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley Roberts interns Warren the members of the U. S. Senate they will act as the jury in the trial do you saw only swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John trump president of the United States now pending you will do impartial justice according to the constitution and laws so help you god the trial will begin with opening statements next Tuesday but there's still a lot of questions to be answered like the issue of whether there will be witness testimony Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says he really doesn't know we expect that we will have votes on these witnesses on Tuesday be can't be sure to we see the resolution that McConnell has put together he refers to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would first said he did not want any witness testimony in the trial but later said the issue would be put to a vote during the trial as Senate Republicans took the lead on impeachment house Democrats were pushing them to hear new evidence particularly from somebody associated with president trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani Alex Marquardt reports the indicted associate Abadi Giuliani turning on his old boss and the man they were working train president trump idolize them I mean I thought he was the savior left harness says everyone knew what was going on in Ukraine including trump during a media blitz that helps show prosecutors you're willing to cooperate harness for how significant the pressure was in the quid pro quo with Ukraine investigate the bidens or else if they didn't make the announcement basically there would be no relationship the Ukrainian born partner says he told officials in Kiev there would be no military aid or a White House meeting for the new president and less they announced the Biden investigation the only thing will we cared about and then we were poor we were the team was to get the Lynskey or a Porsche and go for somebody to make on the press release of announcement into the by investigation also in the balance partner said with the attendance of vice president Mike pence a Dylan skis on Aug aeration announcement no pets burns with me at the number rations there would be no visit to the White House there would be basically they would have no communication pence's office responded that part S. will say anything to stay out of prison trump has denied knowing part S. despite numerous photos showing the two together every time he says us from another after his line is lying the administration is also

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US senators clash over witnesses at Trump impeachment trial

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