The most epic dunks from the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest


Here what did you make of all star weekend I feel like this might have been strong as all star weekend he's in a while three point competition was very good don't contest had some controversy in the all star game I feel like this was a great all star weekend do you know what I do you have the least amount of hype going into and the I I don't know how many years I mean it's just been decreasing year after year the hype going into it but they did not disappoint I mean to go and that extra I don't know what will actually dogs over time in a dunk contest and coming down to the last ball of buddy Hield taken out Devin Booker as the defending champ I mean it doesn't get any better than those things I mean the controversy of the dunk contest is going to live on forever it's it's guy and I've never seen anything and like exhibition match you're just like all star weekend they have bands and just where is everybody all up in arms like it it's it's unbelievable I mean Aaron Gordon one of the best dunkers of all time and some say that rob twice as big here Jones was very very deserving but I definitely I'm is really angry with the judges the dog got does more than anything because I think it was basically you call you can't have five of these in the dunk contest in a row and then lose the odds and their Jones junior kept going back to a different version of the same dunk which was more impressive almost every time she but Aragorn his was so creative and just stop they in you never see and I you did it just how you hold this poses and just what a I mean gracefully than the error but then later when you get down in the energy he brings to the crowd at me and he he's an entertainer like nobody else so it's national do you have a take away from that yeah no I'm with you I think I think what the dunk contest I do think the Aaron Gordon should a one if you're gonna dunk over taco fall I feel like that you get through the wind where you're right he was great leading up to that he then jumps over taco in clears on why I kind of feel like Aaron Gordon one now I'm with you Jones his don't really to what's more differently I do think I actually don't think Gordon got robbed the first time because I think that Zak Levin is a better doctor than he is I actually do think he got robbed than this one okay you're hear me out though there Jones junior lead yup dumped over bam bam barely bent over where taco had to bend down to basically banned level was pretty even there but Derek Jones junior the distance he had to go to the ram was so much further than Aaron Gordon over van and your Jones junior went through the lakes on that one and it is unbelievable and he barely barely made Bamba and over I know bands six nine or so so it's much different there yet kako still got quite a bit on even bent over hi there John junior that region the fact is so far away from the rim when that went down was with special I just one way can't be a judge I mean you so tied to these players Candace Parker bless her heart I mean I respect your as a player person but like I think we need and then if these actors like what calendar you Sears catalogue both men I mean you're literally just look stoned out of it okay of those pretty incredible like the due date really carries a oak okay he's there to give it a nine you gotta get with with that okay all all do it we need to bring back the legend judges like employer is it we want the bus talented and big don contest our favorite athletes get military putting on the best performances we got a show we actually care by giving him judges who are going to take this seriously therefore they'll come out and compete I think we're losing a lot from the the way it's set up right now and we got to have a back up plan for when things do go this well I mean you can't just have dunk after dunk and then somebody screw up the scoring that's not

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