The political Ramifications To Trump Being impeached in historic House vote


Just about everyone saw it coming the house voted yesterday to impeach president trump on two counts with the trial coming next in the Senate but what are the political ramifications president trump speaking in Michigan last night said that he thought it certainly isn't going to hurt him in Michigan and now the Democrats are very upset they want to get Michigan back they just don't know how to do it because they didn't do a thing welcome now Rick Davis his political adviser who has run several campaigns including when John McCain ran for president two thousand eight Mister David Davis I'm proud to say as part of the Bloomberg team covering the twenty twenty election welcome Rick good to have you here thank you that is great to be here so let's start with were president trump was right now on the question of appeasement that's that's percent what happens because most people think they know what's going to happen from here on out what do you do for him in those critical say state of Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania help hurt irrelevant yeah I mean you put out a really important factor the the the presidential campaign will not be fought in fifty states it's going to be fought in certain battleground states and and I thought I would add a few Arizona is a good example of a new state that was a battleground state last time here and one that that will be this time at and I think that's that's the reason you found president trump in Michigan last night while the vote was being taken I mean that on its own that's kind of a historic moment where the president of the United States is rallying his team around his narrative on impeachment while the house of representatives and having this historic moment where they are only for the third time in the history of our country voting for impeachment and I think the juxtaposition of that was really stark and and I think you have to look at all the factors that go into these these states the targeted states the the battleground states and what's gonna turn them or not trump in in fact is defending his win last time around in those states so the onus is really on him to hold I would say economics votes in his favor but politics hasn't and so when you look at some of the things are going on in those states whether it's job creation manufacturing or even issues related to other softer she's like climate you have to look at who the swing voters who's going to who would be eligible to vote for for for Donald Trump yeah in their own mindset and what is what's driving that those votes I I would like to remind everybody that that he won four states by a margin at a little over ten thousand votes each state so this is really a razor thin margin that he had in the past so Rick you are I think the perfect person asked this question of and that is that razor thin margin if you gonna turn that is that substance and policy or is that frankly the process of really run the election because some people certainly criticize Hillary Clinton for example for not going to Michigan toward the end last time around they they she sure took it for granted if the next democratic candidate makes more of an effort in Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania could that make the difference without regard to the policy sure I mean we like in my business in the old days would like to tell everybody that campaigns matter right there is a little self serving but it was true right I mean if you don't campaign in the state like Hillary didn't campaign in Michigan and you don't spend resources their money and put people in there why do you expect to actually pull off a victory lot of people that were scratching their heads in the Democratic Party as to what her strategy wise yet she was spending money in places it seemingly weren't competitive so that campaign matters she did not deliver a good campaign in that state and then she lost as a result of that so sure it's such a tight margin that the campaign's going to matter but so are the candidates right well we know Donald Trump we've gotten to know him quite a bit in the last few years he shows up in Michigan last night he's got a raucous crowd the stocking them up they love it and there's controversy immediately within within his rallies going after you know the

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