'Birds of Prey' is a barrage of bone-crunching mayhem


It's called birds of prey the emancipation off Harley Quinn yeah it's birds of prey the birds of prey and Harley Quinn might my wife who also gushed over that movie and there's lots of roller skating in it and I they're hoping for a big surge of people who would like to go to roller because it is available and it's a really you know so like my wife is not real it's not in it for real roller derby competition necessarily it's more of a a social and then work out kind of thing there it's called the recreational league so they do play other teams occasion but it's not like a big now there are there are teams in town that are very serious about very I mean no my my mom wakes league they're serious about it people get hurt all the time and you know but because they go at it but they don't do it for competition first person anyway yes Sir be the beehive skate revolution if you're interested in that it sounds dangerous it's not really a case of Aleutian that sounds it's a political is because it is a good logo make a bell she thought of a good logos so anyway yeah I had those roller skates in the eighties that were like the technician payrolls click here that a brand new key yeah I know she may look like shoes yeah those then there were the plastic ones and when I was a kid there were the metal ones that you had they had the skate key because you have tighten it down on that and they never stayed on they were they were supposed to stay on your shoe yeah and they never really never did they and they were had metal of metal wheels and they were just terrible yeah for the most

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