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By Pat Rally early. But let's be honest about this. This was not the deal. We thought to kneel Nari would have made this a vastly different team but what does bring is another guy they they can throughout at many of the wings. Very good in this league but does it make them any better at stopping Janas. No not really I mean would Nilo Gala Naria somehow make them better rest often Janas. This would be more important than making that move. I feel like he got guys. They can shoot having another dude who could shoot would be helpful but having a strong wing defender that they can bank against Janas assuming you'll get to a series against them matters because what we saw last year in the postseason with Toronto. WE'RE GONNA go to formal wall paint. And we're going to muscle up with yachts and we don't think they got enough guys around to do anything about it if you're looking for guys that are can card him on the wing and muscle up with him. Odano is one of the few that I can think of that. Really Checks Bo. Oh boxes so maybe they don't make them make them this hugely better team but it certainly makes them better for the postseason but the weird thing about the deadline to me. Is that a good test of like how meaningful four one of these deals is if you go to somebody who doesn't really follow the NBA as closely and be like. Hey guess what happened. They got this guy and if Andrei Twenty twenty is the big name name that to me sort of fails that tell at the end of the year talking about who is going to make a difference. I guess the team that's on pace to win seven but is that the definition of what makes things meaningful all-weather people who don't pay attention to understand what's going on here because it seems to me that the subtle tweaks are the ones that often drive team and push them in the direction that they're going in now whether this one is is going to be enough to push it as a different story but the idea that a stranger has to know what it is before a deadline deal to feel meaningful feels a little shake. Now it's actually bizarrely. Perhaps the pressingly true because at the end of the season Bomani we're going to look at these teams and say okay. Who are the best players on a hypothetical championship team Andrea? Does that. Change the math for me with the Miami Heat. The Miami Heat if this was a league where you started eight guys they are deep. They have so much it their roster man top to bottom. It's really impressive. That's what they've done. They gave up none of the pieces. Young players. That Kendrick knowns right the Tyler Heroes. That Duncan Robinson's. They didn't have to give them up to get Andrea dollar but the the bucks are just too good this. Here's the thing about the bucks though and this is what's weird about this. They got all those poisonous going better than opposition like you look at their win total and they match it up with their point. Differential is basically a run champions. The thing is though they got one superstar caliber player. They don't have that guy after that and and that's what makes this a little different. Normally think of a championship team is needing two of those guys. They don't have that and we saw raptors team last year that themselves only had one of those guys managed nice to beat them like. I don't know what the margin is that once we get to the playoffs up next. The sixers boosted their three point shooting by getting Alec burks and Glenn Robinson The the third from the warriors in exchange for some second rounders but the biggest splash in Philly.

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