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Building a business on on sleep and we'll be talking about how to actually build a business not just around sleep but just around crowdfunding overall funding getting investors and a lot of great stuff along along those lines but we will also be talking about sleep as one of the three pillars of health the other two of course being nutrition and fitness but fire nation. We have have an amazing individual. The founder of eight sleep his name is Mateo Franchise set t and I definitely did not pronounce that last name correctly. But he gave me a pass house on that Matteo has always been obsessed with performance athletic performance business performance and now sleep performance. He was an athlete from a young age and he was a competitive ski racer in his native Italy and he played tennis and race cars on the European stage and he's always been focused on winning and winning in record time that drives sixty propelled him from sports podiums to the top tier international legal world and then starting to cleantech companies onto continous before the age of thirty not surprisingly sleepless nights. where a way of life? It was his quest of finding finding more restorative. Sleep in fact let him to quit his previous life in lodge eight sleep. A New York based company dedicated to feeling Hugh potential through autumn asleep into turning the bed into we seamless health platform for improved health performance and longevity. The Path took to becoming the CEO of eight sleep however is cool tips as the tracks. He raced in his youth youth. Fire nation you better believe we have awesome stuff coming up as soon as we think our sponsors. It's time to start sleeping longer and deeper see you wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day. Get One hundred and fifty dollars off your purchase of the Pod by eight sleep when you visit eight sleep asleep dot com slash fire today that's e e. I sleep dot com slash fire. Fire nation. Are you ready ready to simplify the way you do business this year. CAPTERRA is here to help join the over. One million people who use capterra every month to search and compare the best software just visit CAPTERRA DOT com slash fire. That's P. T. E. R. R. A. DOT COM com slash fire Mateo. Say a what's up to fire nation ensure something interesting about yourself that most people don't know. Hey thank you for having me Yeah I love motor sports and I have been racing cars since when I was fourteen years sold. My last race was the twelve hours off. I will be well into your thousand eighteen so in miles per hour. How fast have you driven even one nine hundred miles per hour okay? That's fast. I remember one time. I was come down a highway and it was like kind of coming down a hill a little bit so there was like a decline on a highway. I think the speed limit was like seventy five miles per hour and I look down in. My speedometer. Had me going over one hundred miles per our and I freaked out. I'm like Oh my God I'm going over one hundred and I liked quickly like peeled back to like eighty or eighty five or something. So you've you've gone about twice voices fast as I have but again. I'm an amateur euro pro so that's not a big surprise but it was interesting. Matteo gave fire nation. A little exposure to in the introduction. Introduction is the fact that you have now built your passions in your business and now your life around sleep and of course we're GonNa talk all about your company. Eight sleep and wide unique mission. Is what the goals that you have for this company are but before we get into any of that stuff why sleep. What do you believe leave is important about sleep? And what are your thoughts around that topic. Sleep is one of three pillars of health. Right health is based on sleep nutrition. Three Sean and fitness and they're all of them pillars but at the end of the day sleep is really the foundation. Kills if you start sleeping to through our tonight. The regional trainings workout Notation that really matters sleep at the same time. Something that you every single day you cannot skip keep it and he's still a third of your life if you look at the average lifetime About Twenty five thirty years of your life spent asleep so it's really important that people start taking care of that part because it simpler than workout But you still need to be talk was a what do and what you dont. They're already a lot of studies that crew the sleep on Luxury D.. On health diabetes in some pockets on so lack of sleep can have very negative repercussions on on your health fire nation. Let me break this down for you. I have a virtual trainer four days a week. I am training my body on waits on high intensity interval training. I'm doing my Peleton on bike sessions. I'm doing that weight training four days a week. I'm on the Peleton bike. Five six sometimes even seventies per week. I've got my fitness on the control. I have a nutritionist. I have have a functional medicine. Doctor like I have really dialed in my Mac. Rose my proteins my fats. My carbs like I really understand that side of things like I have dialed that in. But guess what what when I wake up after a crappy night asleep. I don't eat right I I- bail on my fitness. Just skip it because I just don't feel like I can actually really function and do that so no matter the fact that I have the best intentions in the world. If I don't get at least a good night's sleep my nutrition suffers my fitness suffers. There's nothing that I can do around that but let me tell you the flip side when I wake up after a great night sleep and I'm talking asleep score score in the nineties because I have an ordering that tracks my sleep so I know exactly what I've gotten great deep sleep when my rem is on point when my wake-up overnight overnight my quote unquote. restfulness is low. And I wake up in the morning and I am absolutely energized. I feel rested. I give one of those big like cat yawns stretching stretching to the world I can take over the world I crush my workouts. I eat right. I'm hydrating correctly. I'm doing all the things. So when Matteo who says that sleep is the foundation pillar of those three pillars. He couldn't be more right because without a lease a good night's sleep you can just throw those other two pillars awake. You'RE NOT GONNA be able to operate at a high level on them. So let's keep moving forward Matteo and talk about specifically eight sleep. This is a company that you've have created that you founded you have a very strong mission with this company. You have very lofty goals. And you also made eight sleep a unique unique company. So it's not just like the other you know five ten fifty other mattress companies. That are out there so tell us about eight sleep why it's unique and then break down those missions and goals our mission is to make the world slips it so we came up with this concept of being sleep feet as adjusted right. You're already taking care of your nutrition on your radio working out very often during the week so the next step for us to really take care of your sleep in achieved the state of sleep fitness. That is what Oughta Lock your potential and that is our mission. The way we do it is that we did the fun. Factor is yes is the bad but at the end of the day what we are building. What we have built is really the most sophisticated device for sleep enhancement? We have all about improving performance. It's so imagine if in ten years from now you will sleep Ali six hours and get motorized than when you're listening eight hours. We believe that technology can can enhance your sleep recovery and make you sleep for a short period of time while still achieving the same amount of recovery rests on top of got data. Because you're still sleeping six hours or whatever it is except member We have also building a medical grade device that every single tonight we will Check Your House. Imagine that going to bed in five years from now will be like going to your doctor for a checkup. The differences you you told me you do it daily so All these kinds of information willing for and help you to read the digest more information more data BA got body and also Dr Your vision and your fitness and all the other actions you take on a daily basis for your so beyond what you just shared which of course makes eight sleep very unique and the things that it provides and the different operations that functions on what else makes eight sleep different like. Why did you feel like this was a product that was needed in this world? The Difference Between Eighth Sleep Pannonia sleep track it or in. General trackers aid sleep is not just about tracking talking for us. The data is the foundation to then take actions to enhance your sleep. They were doing it right now. Is is through ten motivation and so the radiate multiple clinical side these proving that relation any particular cooling can improve improve your sleep our ties already showing that there was the Pod we can reduce the amount of endurance. We can help you fall. As he faster we can help you stay for longer in sleep so there is a new improvement. Your sleep across the board than technology because we have your we are also providing adding different types of content like content to help you fall asleep faster that we surface only to the people that have struggled to fall asleep. Faster stay

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