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Hello and welcome back to end sideways. podcasts I am Kerrie Roberts the CO host actually one of my co host is also here. So we're here today. With James Poulter her aunt's gotten Susan Westwater with a big announcement about voice masters. That's right so I'd love for you to start with telling us how you guys decided to all work together. Gather in the first place before you decide to tell us what it is so we have been talking to these guys for a long time now friends through the community over the past a couple of years voice summit and in both of our businesses respectively affects lives in that pragmatic. We've seen that. There's a real need over the past really over the past year if People who are maybe smaller medium sized businesses all the people that are pivoting that career invoice all for people are starting out a small team but they need to build the use case voice in their business really upscale and so with these guys walking on their fabulous voice strategy book which has just come out which is really exciting and the work that we have been doing really focusing on strategy work with clients in the UK. We thought that we could offer something. That is much more powerful bringing everybody together to work on something like voice masters which ages I online tool but in live and in person mastermind program and the other and it all came up with twitter. The J. J. P. had a tweet responded next week we had a conversation. So and what did the tweet say. I think we were looking for people to help the hell in the spirit of the voice community it was. We can do this so much better together trying to compete separately and so it makes so much sense to take experiences of JP Jen Susan Cain and combined with hours to come up with something even more powerful so the program itself is going to run over six weeks lodging the end of February. I'm will give people the opportunity to essentially get one. She served as well as well. So Group calls and I like engagement sessions with all of us plus the rest of our team and also some special guests long. Why importance as well? So we're we're really excited for what this could mean essentially people that was starting the through invoice. So it's more people want to start their career voice or for brand a smaller company. That wants to start a voice skill for themselves. It's actually both and so really what we're trying to do is activate the business community and help them understand what the opportunity to voice represents what the value is why they need to start busing now which is really a lot out of the conversations. We've all been having over the past year with right so if we can go through and almost productized that and actually create a place they can go to learn all this then they actually can the the internal champions and actually talking to their CEO's or CMO's and everyone else to make that actually happen. So I like to think of this as some way that we can actually help the entire community deep benefit. Because it's going to help the platform people. It's GONNA help Amazon and Google. Let's get help. Everyone copywriters and so by activating the business community. We're hoping that we can actually shortcut what and get happening happening faster versus waiting on it just kind of naturally I mean I like to think of is the fact that if we will starting out moving ourselves my previous this job roles into voice. Now what would I want to get started. And that's what the solution should hopefully be Kevin. So this is your shortcut. We spent two years. There's after spending twenty plus years in digital advertising marketing and all of that. Well if someone comes in today. They're going to feel like they're left behind. We're willing to help share that knowledge college to bring you up to speed so that then that whole time of where have play. CATCHUP is alleviates. You can start getting. I'm making better experiences and stop just checking a box of creating something that's actually GonNa show the viability of voice as a proper business channel.

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