California man who spent 14 years in prison for murder conviction exonerated after new DNA evidence


Report Ricky Davis is spent the last fourteen years in prison for the murder of Jane Hilton but as always maintained his innocence Eldorado county district attorney Vern Pierson announced today that his conviction has been overturned after the same DNA technique used to catch the Golden State killer definitively proved another suspect was responsible best thing that we can do as as prosecutors as investigators is you science and followed the physical evidence of forensic evidence and that's ultimately the most reliable thing the case remain cold until nineteen ninety nine when detectives interview Davis is then girlfriend Connie doll four times obtaining a confession beginning last year the northern California innocence project work with your sins office to arrange for DNA testing from the crime scene I was told there it and heard it over and over there's no such thing as a false confession from one side we know that there is such a thing in this case proves that it it's very rare but it does happen my client's news ninety three point one

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