Are People Around You Holding You Back?


All right so question. Today is from Miss Gina. Gina Rights. How do you handle the people friends coworkers family even who are uncomfortable or even seem to the dislike the newer more enhanced version of me as I continue to evolve in reach for the stars in all areas of my life? Don't want to leave them behind. But they seem to be holding me back energetically. Thanks for all that you do Marie. That is a juicy question. Gina and I've got a juicy for you. Yes I do so the first thing we want to realize realized is that it's super natural. Not Supernatural like weird poltergeist. But very natural when you're going on a journey of growth in evolution that there's GonNa be some pretty significant changes between you and the people you are in relationship with what I want you to get. Is that currently you. have it set up as though your the victim victim as though people are holding you back at their energetically holding you back. Stop Stop at that. Gina is vital to realize that no one is holding you back you need need to take responsibility for who's in your life and the impact that you're allowing them to have on you. The next important thing to remember is that every relationship has a beginning a middle and an end sometimes relationships naturally come to a close because you guys are just on different paths. That's natural and that happens. In other circumstances I know this is going to get a little. It'll deepened morbid. Potentially but it's the truth even if you have a wonderful relationship at some point one of you guys is going to die. was that horrible. That I said that it's the truth right so clinging onto this idea of permanence in anything especially relationships just set you up for failure. We are and we don't want to do that so you're not leaving anyone behind. It's just that your path is going in a different direction than their past their growing to. It's just doesn't look the same. As is your growth. Final point to remember is that you want to lead by example. So if you're discovering all these new pool things about personal development spirituality. Don't become a spiritual SNOB. We all hate that so. Don't be defensive or judgmental or look down on other people because you think that you got all the answers in that's altogether and these poor fools on the side on honey. That's not the way to do it. You have to lead with love and compassion and understanding Mama Maria Cisco Oh as Martin Luther King Junior says darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out. Hate only only love can do that.

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