ABC has another 'All in the Family,' 'Good Times' live special in the works


ABC is gonna do another one of those live in front of a studio audience specials featuring an episode of all the family in a positive good times they did one which was all in the family and the Jeffersons the main cast all the family is going to stay the same woody Harrelson is gonna be Archie Morissette Thome's Edith Ellie clamber Ellie Kemper that's Kimmy Schmidt aren't that are carried O. K. she played Gloria Gloria and I'd bernholz played a Mike they're being joined by Kevin bacon Jesse Eisenberg Justina Machado I don't know who they'll player we even when I was I guess they take an old episode actual episode reenact of a studio audience you know who did a really great all in the family episode was way back nineties I guess is in living in living color I got it was so funny they acted out they acted it out and it was just fantastic that was a

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