Ep. 486 - The Left Loves Humanity, Hates Humans - burst 04


To conservatives but it happened in the Washington Post right after the death of Coby Bryan Felicia Sonmez is a national political reporter for the Washington Post on Sunday hours after the news breaks Kobe Bryant and his daughter and seven other people were killed tragically in his helicopter crash. She tweets out an article article about Kobe. Bryant's rape case. It's headline Coby Bryan disturbing rape case the DNA evidence the accusers story and the half confession. Now this refers to a case in two thousand three Kobe Bryant was accused of rape. He was never convicted of rape. Because the woman who accused him withdrew the the charge. She refused to testify. Kobe Bryant maintained his innocence the whole time that he ended up coming to some sort of settlement and he apologized to her for what he continued to maintain. Detained was consensual. Sexual encounter. Obviously not a good. Look if you're married anyway but he he's still there's there's really no evidence here that he he raped somebody and and this

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