Goodell: Manning leaves 'indelible imprint' on NFL


We've been talking about you I manning is going to announce his retirement tomorrow from the New York giants a lot of debates going to be going on for the next five years or so where you I ranked does he hall of Famer Ballot and so on Roger Goodell just tweeted this a moment ago statement about your manning leaves an indelible imprint on the New York giants fans and the NFL his passion for the game intense preparation ability to rise to the occasion. Where the hallmarks of his career holds a special place in history? Not just for hoisting the Lombardi trophy and being named Super Bowl. MVP twice ice but for how he transcended the game with the way cared himself around teammates media and most importantly fans. That's one of the many reasons he was named. Walter Payton Man of the year on on the field and in the community he was a champion. He was also a true competitor and held himself to the highest standard in everything he did. We know he'll carry that same spirit with with him into the future. I got the same statement sent to me from the NFL network Assignment desk you missed one line at the end. Can I read it. The last line for Chris Brockman Rochman thinks. I'll never send out the same thing when Tom Brady retires. But just watch. That's what it says right here. It's amazing that he would include like the Commissioner of the NFL gladys spell. My the name right and I don't think he will do the same thing for absolutely absolutely the same thing for. He thinks Tom Brady lied about to do the same thing about. Tom Thinks he smashes phone. It's okay it's all right we can disagree on this. Why does Tom Brady always have to be brought the Lon manning and I just brought it up because that's what you brought up in the commercial break and I noticed that you were holding? You're you're you're holding your horses right there and I still want their. I didn't think you were going to God. They didn't. I thought that was an affair.

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