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So the first question comes from Chris. McCormack Chris says says How have your thoughts changed on training team sports over the past one to two years? And what things you may have added to your teams. So I'll answer this from from what I've done from. Just a general perspective and really that is making a higher percentage of the total work bodyweight and making king a higher percentage of the training a little more intuition based Or unscripted at least the early part like the warm up more unscripted versus the latter portion of the workload so The My my buddy Paul cater from Selene owns the Alpha project. And Salinas. I talked with him frequently about the idea of really just a really straightforward just trying to not make athletes robots trying to give them freedom and creativity and problems to solve and being in flow in a session question. Now I think an unscripted portion of the work can definitely do that on for me. A lot of that unscripted work is in the body weight medium so crawls and and monkey bars ars and Things like you even A lot of a lot of things as well that I've learned from Dr Tommy. John Likes like various hip circles than single guard. Yells and things on one leg and lightweight body weight options done for high repetitions to really cover a basic human movement and motor patterns. Now I like to get into a lot of medicine ball work. I like to integrate a lot of games and things That I've learned for like Raith Kelly and ways to basically make sure an athlete is emotionally ready once we get to harder pro- portions of the work or not even harder but I guess more scripted more traditional more block esque versions of things One one thing I've done as well as that I've increased the relative proportion of body weight but also extreme isometric work done at the tail end of the workout. I would say. I've traded a decent chunk of traditional barbell lifting for extreme isometric work and I've seen a great pay off in terms of injury rates and decrease decrease Decreases there. I also feel like it's just. It's a good thing to to do that type of thing as well. Because I think it's good to hone your eye for movement in the body weight medium because that's what athletes compete in. So I'm always trying to do just a little bit more work there and just because it's body weight Doesn't mean that it's easy. It doesn't mean that there's not in intensity to it. That's not the case at all. If anything a lot of the body weight work should be done with the same equal intensity to I N. It's different typewriter high-priced tunneling as much but to a heavy set of lifting like bench. Press or squat. There should be everything you're doing is important in so cultivating flow through the whole workout. Whether it's whether it's a crawl whether it's a lunch whether it's a monkey bar extreme isometric or remain set of work it's all it all matters. It's all the same and it all should be done with a high expectation of movement quality and so at for me personally. Actually I I get a lot of enjoyment out of creating unscripted body. Wait based work and I often also and this is something. I'm doing more recently as I really look at how. The music cultivates that and caters to that so using using stuff that's a little bit more in the Edm or deep house. Even genres can keep that rate of work and put athletes flow better for that type of stuff and I think it's all really important especially especially to on the last thing I'll say is I definitely done more unilateral work than bilateral work. Just because it's and along on the coattails of that Cam Joss Chad Denison Denison episode. I just think that there's so much gold in just the functionality. How do we move? And when Your Trade Team Sports I we definitely have to ask ourselves. Would we rather have an extra inch. Vertical job maybe an extra cutting extra three or four hundred forty dash or would we rather have an athlete. WHO's a a little more robust and resilient I mean it's an argument that with the single versus double-leg we can also make the argument that it doesn't even matter But that's not really the point of this. I'll just say that I've Added in a little bit more single leg work throughout the year that also makes it. A higher percentage so moral of the story is bilateral. Sadula plan exercises. I still have them in there but they play a little bit less than they used to. Okay second question is from Brandon Green. He says what is your opinion or viewpoint on information that we have acquired from the Soviets or any of the former eastern bloc nations. So I think this is a good question. Just in the sense of a lot of people will say well the Soviets were using using steroids in the eastern bloc. Were it was just steroids. That was there do are creating their success so we didn't really hold their training to a higher guard. And yes obviously. These athletes were definitely masterful users of steroids. But I do think I'll just say this is I. I have like a lot of the texts. And your Dr Gorka Shanansky huge influence on me book like books like Super Training and things like that. I just have a couple things to say in one is if you look at the quality of the research that was coming out back then then in the seventies from Russia like the studies in Super Training are just awesome studies. They're they're they're very applied studies. That I don't. I think that we really do as much today because I made like the funding isn't there. We have untrained recreationally train college students not high performance athletes. Fleets doing this. And it's not it was more of a government thing back then it was a whole nation. Really trying to spearhead these efforts and so the quality of the work done it was just fantastic and then also say to to you if you look at like the technical models if you go to track and field and you look at the technical models and triple jump is one. I like in particular you look at these. I think is a Ukrainian female who has the world record but if you look at like her style it was a dairy bar has shown to me. It's a high flat high wave form. It's not the flat flat flat. And these these athletes. They're in my opinion a lot of their technical models even were superior or to what we have now or what. We think is optimal technique now and if you watch those athletes it's not just they're not just more powerful because of the steroids royds. They also had a superior technique in a system. That was behind them. So I think there's a lot more than just that so I am definitely a huge I I the Russian and Soviet stuff means a lot to me. I don't bypass it. Because of the whole steroid thing. And I know that I think we'd be naive to say that the Russians and the eastern bloc the only people using steroids in that era. So yeah I think it's certainly valuable information and I think it's good things to look at okay next one This is Citric doc over and he says what are your thoughts on the role of ankle strengthened maximizing the single leg vertical job so this is a great question Ankle Strength Frank Foot strength very important and so the man I want to say I think this goes back to angus young. Quite a few podcasts ago where he was talking about Athlete that was like blowing everybody out of the water in acceleration and counter movement jump and we came to top end speed. I think they they weren't quite as good. And one of the things that was a factor was their foot or ankle. Strength was not that great and so I do think that the foot and ankle and you could call it like a fashion. The fashion line the system it becomes more important. The faster contact times get So generally speaking it is really important. It's definitely not everything I think. A lot of times. It comes with the territory. If your feet are sensing in working properly so if my feet can sense the ground well I have good bio mechanics a lot of times. That's just gonNA come along naturally but if not a things there's a lot of things that can help we've had Chongzhou on the show talking about hyper chops even stuff office. Simple as single Eglin hops can be awesome for helping to improve that and things that I like doing. It had been leaning more toward these days in the world of motor learning as combining these things. So if you're doing some single leg vertical jumps doing some single egg line hops and making it a complex or complex thing single egg jump work with sensory work and with high rep elastic working. We're making this a combo to almost like a sandwich to to really give a full. You're feeding sensory work in your feeding activation and and Activation High Rep work him. And you're feeding the actual skill and so we're putting this on one thing. I think the output is is pretty

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