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There's a lot of things going on the market place right now that well they could be dangers of you doing the wrong thing for the could also be significant opportunities what kind of people we work with were three tests of people we were people have no background in the market but they understand there's an opportunity there and they feel that once they're educated then they're willing to put their money in the market we work with people who are you currently in the markets right now but they're not getting the kind of returns they wonder they're getting great returns in this market was and what's the next market can be like keeping my folks people later made a lot of money in nineteen ninety nine and they give it back in two thousand people made a lot of money in two thousand six in two thousand seven they gave it back in two thousand eight two thousand nine and most people are doing the same things they were doing that design center said doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome the definition of insanity don't be insane with your family's wealth your family's future with your retirement with the second in command four there's a lot going on in your first time was in the show I use a lot of articles underscore the validity or I'm talking about there's an article for market watch he says it's important to note that the so called melt up is being considered by market pundits and that these Martin these these melt absorb the market goes up dramatically usually the end phase of an asset bubble grab the usually say that their significant downward risks at this point it was a bank of America Merrill Lynch they they describe the market is primed for Q. one twenty twenty risk asset melt up what they're basically saying there is at some point this market's gonna come to an end when it does it's going to be significant dramatic and unfortunately fairly detrimental to most people why most people won't take the time put in the energy to learn what they should be doing with their money that is let someone take it from them and they under perform and then they wonder why they're not gonna be able to retire you don't lose survey number the federal reserve's of forty seven percent of Americans cannot afford an unexpected four hundred dollar bill the the World Economic Forum did another survey and they found that that in America forty two percent of retirees are gonna with their money here's an article once again from market watch one third of American households have struggled to afford either food shelter or medical here nearly half Americans have Americans have a tough time paying their bills in over one third have faced hardships which is running out of food not be able to afford a place to live or not having enough money to pay for medical treatment these are some of the grim findings from the federal consumer financial protection bureau survey were supposedly in the best market ever in the richest country in the world and people are still struggling people are still strong in the Washington post article this doesn't look like the best economy ever forty percent of Americans say they struggle to pay their bills what are millionaires saying this is USA today millionaires millionaire investors sour and U. S. economic outlook said millionaires in the most cautious they ban on the direction of the economy since the years leading up to the global financial crisis investor sentiment on the economy for the next twelve months rapport fourteen points from year ago to minus seven its lowest level since two thousand and six that's according to a millionaire outlook confidence index so there are things that are happening in the market that could be precarious you need to be prepared

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