11-year-old girl killed in Brooklyn house fire


An eleven year old girl died in a fire last night in the Midwood section of Brooklyn police say tenet Shearer was pulled from the burning three story building at the corner of ocean parkway and foster Avenue after fire officials say that blaze broke out around ten thirty PM on the first floor sheer lived in the building and the FDNY saying one of the firefighters is in stable condition after he was pulled from the building and there were three fires within minutes of the early other early Monday an eighty five year old man died from the accidental one in the Bronx but investigators are looking into one in in fort fort Greene Greene Brooklyn Brooklyn and and a a police police source source says says man's man's body body found found inside inside a a burning burning house house under under construction construction in in queens queens village village is is now now possible possible homicide homicide firefighters firefighters discovered the body after they put out the blaze but there was something suspicious the victim's hands had been bound is building here two hundred seventeen three one fourth Avenue has been under construction and not just anyone can walk in it's surrounded by an eight foot high green plywood fans these men live down the block thanks very close to home very very close to home really know what to think detectives in fire marshals her here on the scene they're also trying to figure out what happened in Brooklyn a man found that a fire had puncture wounds and was dead

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