Child Among 195 Evacuated From China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Taken To Hospital With Fever


A child under corona virus quarantine along with almost two hundred other Americans at a military base of riverside has been taken to the hospital after coming down with a fever child and a parent or being tested after being evacuated last week on the part of China with the outbreak was first detected in LA county about fourteen thousand people have now signed an online petition calling on one school district to cancel all classes due to fears about the virus case you're the booster Glazer has that story el hambre is located in the San Gabriel Valley the heart of LA's Asian American community thousands of people have signed this change dot org petition which says an environment like a school could maximize the spread of the corona virus the school district tells the same Gabriel Valley Tribune those fears are overblown and the petition is not based on the facts and the district doesn't have the authority to cancel classes unless an emergency is declared by the state or by the county health department or office of education so far that hasn't happened the school district is also speaking out against rumors that students are banned from wearing face masks which isn't true but it says masks are not effective in preventing

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