Tools For Faster Recovery: Sound Therapy, Vibration Therapy & More - With Guest Ben Greenfield


Listen have you ever thought about about what the true limits of human potential are are we limited by our physicality limited by our ability to think differently and are we limited by our ability to express health and wellness or our ability to recover quickly from the things that we go through. Well today. You're going to find out out that the human potential is actually boundless. We are boundless individuals. Even our brains capacity to learn to process information. We're only scratching the surface on what we are realizing we're capable of doing. You might have heard the statement that we only use maybe ten percent of our brain. But that's not actually true. We in fact us a hundred percent of our brains every day even were sleeping. They're different parts of our brain that going into overdrive doing a lot of work and even a lot lot of housekeeping but the sad reality is we use one hundred percent of our brain but we don't use it very well we don't use it to one hundred percent of its capacity. And that's one of the things we're GONNA we'll be talking about today is how do we actually improve that amazing organ that's governing our entire life or at our brain is where we're able to actually really see right. We're taking in information we have these optical receptors but we're seeing inside of our incredible brain right so it's like a a a screen inside of our brain. They were really watching these things. It seems like we're seeing taken to the outside world but that visual of our brain is actually towards the back of our brain. That's one thing how we're seeing taking information. Site sounds our senses but also our brain is controlling our metabolism if we talk about the Hypothalamus for example which is Kinda master master gland and our brain it determining in communicating with our thyroid which is regulating our metabolic rate our adrenals which is determining different hormones. Are we in a state of stress where we are potentially breaking down Tissue in our bodies our muscle tissue and turning it into glucose for fuel because because we're running in this hyper sympathetic nervous system so your brain is controlling based on your perception of reality and the awareness of the nutrients we have available in our the system and the list goes on and on is controlling metabolism right and so those are just a couple of aspects are emotion or mood how we feel we have these neurotransmitters and hormones and your hypoth- ou- Mrs Actually the interface of all of those things are neurotrophic transmitters in hormones in determining how we feel and how our cells communicating with each other which is kind of important and so again us understanding and supporting our brain health and also our physicality you know the stuff from the head down what's up there. How can we perform better? How can we increase our rate of recovery? What if we're injured? What can we do to get better faster faster? And so we're GONNA be talking about all of that today. With one of the foremost experts on the planet and his new work is going to talk about and teach you how to become boundless. And he's just going to provide you with a ton of new things that you can have at your disposal throughout your entire life and before we do that. I WanNa give a quick shot. It's one of the things we're going to talk about today which is helping to regulate your sleep and today more than ever humans we're traveling where cloud hopping we are moving around at a pace that our ancestors didn't even know was possible via train plane automobile. All right we can move around and the crazy thing is that your body is always looking for its place in all of this. It's looking for its ability to sync up with the environment. We are hardwired to connect with their environment to circadian rhythm. Your Circadian Rhythm is matching up with the you know the Journal Nocturnal Patterns of the Earth every single day. And when you go when you jump into a different time zone the earth in like your body trying to locate each other to get sinked up again. That's determining win. Your hormones are getting secreted. Certain neural transmitters. Doing their job. Your mobility in your gut. All of that stuff is trying to sink back into a rhythm in so this is why why. I'm a big fan of helping your body to reset when you travel so today. A lot of people are leaning towards reaching reaching towards Melatonin to help them to sleep better. And there's an issue with this. Because according to a study published in the Journal of Biological Rhythms found that faulty timing timing or large doses of Melatonin can cause desensitization of your melatonin receptors. Basically your body. We'll continue to produce Melatonin and you can have melatonin supplements but your ability to actually use. It is going to go down and when that happens we can run into some serious problems problems and so we want to be very judicious and cautious about our use of Melatonin. Now I'm a big fan of Melatonin in spot cases or there is some evidence towards microdosing however in those spot cases especially when travelling changing timezones. That's a great time to utilize melatonin. Oh Tony because it helps your body to sink back up in the Melatonin isn't just about sleep. It's not a sensitive it's about regulating your circadian timing system and so for that I'm big Fan of sub lingual spray under your tongue. Hold that in their high quality earth grown nutrient source of Melatonin. That's something synthetic just because you could buy whatever. Convenience store or pharmacy does not mean that that it's high quality in also. The dose can be problematic. especially if you're taking pills like to find the right dose for you versus a couple of

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