The Results In Iowa - burst 3


If he were to win one count. We have partial credit to Bernie based on the popular vote counts. We'll explain that on the site later on. We actually have sanders up to a forty percent chance of winning the delegate majority. He was at about thirty percents before Iowa. We Have Biden down to twenty percent from about forty two percent percents before we have boot up less than you might think he's at five percent. He was at four percent before. But that's for a majority for a plurality than he's at eight percent that'd be a little conservative on his balanced but remember. The model is going through sequentially one st at a time and it is saying that. Hey actually I'm not sure that your viable after after New Hampshire where you have to prove it to me by getting a big bounce in national polls and polls in states in the south and so forth we actually have warrants chances up a little bit. Maybe this reflected in the media the narrative about the race but she is up to an chance of majority and thirteen a plurality partly. This is because wear wherever she before she been in down to like five of majority partly because the model thinks that The front runner in national polls namely Biden is liable to decline that Sanders

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