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Wesley Morris is here. Sometimes we fly him out. And we just put you on a whole bunch of podcasts. And we just wind you up and you go yeah Ping Pong Pinball pinball Wesley Yeah Oscars this this weekend yes I can never get through Oscars week without talking to you for at least ten minutes on what's going on. I'm not sure what happened to the Oscars because we have all these prohibitive favorites. There's no drama at all. Everyone thinks nineteen seventeen gonNA win. Isn't that wild. Everyone thinks Phoenix is GonNa win for the joker. Okay yeah that Renee Zellweger is GonNa win for Judy. which I five saying? No no no it made money Brad Pitt for once upon a time And then Laura dern for marriage story yes and those are Kinda done y- everyone the the. They're like huge huge favorites. It doesn't even make sense to bet on them. They're such huge favorites. You'd be like betting on. I don't know the the though Oklahoma City Thunder to beat some division. Three Kinda odd you the only one. That's kind of even best director. Sam Mendes as twenty five favorite. That's what is happening. Is it just. The Internet has made this that the consensus the census of thought now nobody goes against the grain and they just kind of follow the pack. What's happening here? I don't know I think I really feel like increasingly. There are just enough people. I don't know how voters individually or feeling about not pressure to pick a certain person person but the like doing the work to really choose the thing you love the most because every year you read those blind items that variety are Hollywood reporter daily beast. I do yeah And you read these Oscar voters say things and they all have. They all seem to have individual taste rate to hear these. I voters justify why they're voting. They're voting for you. You would think anything could win but that never happens will rarely happens right so I also also believe that in this particular year. I think there's a lot of politics going on like like movie. Industry politics rang. Explain plan so I don't think that people. I think there's a number of things happening. I think people don't like parasite that much. I think they see it. I think that was that was okay. I don't know how they could think that it actually got. It's like Robert Covington right now the NBA trade deadline. It's gotten hyped up too much now. People going wait a secondly. I think it's great it's awesome you're going to see it and you you end up going and you're like yeah it's good but you're not like Oh my God you're right I'm blown away. Yeah Yeah I can't speak but some people are leaving matt a Lake Nona. Nope they're leaving. They're probably just watching it at home but like they're they're watching this movie and they're just Kinda like well okay. I and I'm rich people poor people and I think that I mean I really think that they think it's that simple and I also think good. I really liked it. I didn't think it was like the best picture picture the year I why do but you do really. I was the case in a minute. I think it's just okay. The very simple thing is it takes a story. It takes an idea that I can't believe that in a hundred and you know twenty years of movies. Nobody's ever done before nobody's ever fought to turn the class. Divide into into a game in this particular way. Yeah and by the time they get to the sect by the time the father other by the time the father gets the job. So the third the third introduction of the the glomming onto this family. I'm just I was just laughing. I was is laughing with happiness at the brilliant to this idea. He's such a great of these nine movies and most like almost all of them are perfectly made. I would say that's the one that surprised me the most in terms of how tight and smart and and surprising it was the one thing I don't like goodbye it is the ending but in talking to people about who also sort of ending is anticlimactic but it also needs to be there none. Nobody could come up with a better trending. So this is the endings. Movie needs to have this elegiac sort of tragic fantasy ending. I liked once upon a time. The most I mean and as you know I also love them. We did a podcast about that on this podcast. Back in August we wait. Let's go back though we dated Rewatch ables. That's coming this week about about it already. Yeah well we do one Oscar movie every year O- of the nine area to get out on time. That seems fair. Yeah UH-HUH I think forward and for our versus Ferrari of those nine movies. That in little women I think are the most those are going to prove to be the most re watchable bowl of those. I'm so glad you said that. I feel like those have become the underrated. I'm not sure what happened. In each case moves. I thought little women was excellent. Women Soak so good the crazy thing about this year. Is there a two stores. I just wrote a story about this for the paper and the the the maddening thing about these nine movies please. And I'll get back to the into back to what people are saying about who they are. Why nine hundred seventeen is going to win for political reasons Movie movie industry political reasons. But I just read a piece about like how. This is the first year since they expanded the field ten. Move to up to ten movies that I have liked every single one of these movies more or less except for one and I don't like joker either. Yeah I don't like never really really align this year on what we didn't like I like that I didn't. I don't like joker I didn't have fun. I thought his performance was awesome. But I've seen a lot of movies that whereas the performance was awesome. But I'd necessarily loved the movie right I don't even I don't even Joaquin. Phoenix is one of my four favourite male actors. And this does not I feel like this is the first time he is looking for a character as like we are watching him do work mark. The I think it's done before you start shooting in this movie Part of it is. He is playing a person who's changing but he's always playing people who were undergoing some sort of ecological little change wasn't he's so much more interesting in the master. Oh everything he was doing. If you're going to start there then I'm like why did you give just give Antonio Banderas the Oscar. I mean that's where you're GONNA start but I'm saying like I don't know why I took this movie for people to like. Here's his Oscar. Movie when he was so good the pastor I mean the thing that was more interesting performance interesting thing that we should talk about. Is that like he is one of those people were. He's just a person who is owed right like it's he's been he's a set of a woman quote suffered so long just give him just give it to him not that he's begging for it because because when he took this part I was like oh well you know he clearly. He clearly understands with businesses going and I would never accuse him ever of like being being interested in getting any prizes for the work. He's doing but I also feel like there is a sense that he's been nominated three other times. I think maybe maybe four do you remember how lost to the master who who when they're You're talking keep your point going on anyway. I feel like if I sat here and thought about it. I'd come my with but I'm not going to remember those thirteen Two thousand thirteen. So we have. Is that Matthew mcconaughey. Now it's not McConnell. Now he lost a Daniel Day. Lewis Link Oh well that's that's just bad luck for Joaquin Phoenix. I remember having issue with that at the time you should have. I mean just just as a matter of history you should rostker you blaspheme. He's fine. He's fine I thought Athletes Ship

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