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Host Joe House by tastebuds we they are coming out hot in twenty twenty. I know you would expect nothing less. We have an unbelievable interview with a DC homey only the self-proclaimed DC king of CARBS. Andrew Dana is on the show talking about two restaurants that he's founded did in the last half decade or so that have received a ton of national acclaim. I have been enjoying the pizza at Timber Pizza Company for several years now and the newcomer. Coal your mother. That's the BAGEL joint lines around the block every single weekend we were also very lucky to get a nationally acclaimed internationally well known true pioneer in the restaurant. Game Danny Meyer fire was here in Washington. DC HE FOUNDED ICONIC New York City restaurants like the Union Square cafe like gramercy tavern. The modern inside of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Maya Lino you also know Danny and this is how I got to know him very well through his shake shack restaurant. He's the founder of shake shack. Were started as a hotdog cart in two thousand. He is bringing in his Roman area. Maya Lino Down to Washington D. C.. I grabbed them. We did a long interview but I wanted to sit down with him and get at the very very beginning of the year his thoughts on some delicious holiday dining that he just did as well as a little bit of a forecast for twenty twenty and beyond and so we we have both Andrew Dana. And Danny Meyer on this episode. Next week the full sit down with Danny Meyer. My hungry homeys sit back. Relax lacks feel free to go ahead and loosen your belt or if you're already in sweatpants that's terrific. Let's go ahead and enjoy this delicious episode. We're going to get in that belly with Andrew Dana. All right my taste buds. We are extremely fortunate to.

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