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Turbo tax. All people are tax people so I here in San Francisco this week and I just did a piece on streaming streaming channels the US cable streaming alternatives. I forgot to mention one of them. FILO DOT TV. He said. Get Your Butt over here. You know. You're in San Francisco. You want to tell you all about it. Andrew mccullum is the CEO Co founder and interesting pitch. It's twenty dollars a month away cheaper than everybody else. Don't have the broadcast networks. Have a lot of your favorite cable. Networks tell everybody under about FILO DOT TV. Yeah the idea behind Filo blue is really that knows that. TV has been getting more expensive. A lot of the cost of television. The typical cable package goes to sports. Tim Broadcast Networks. That's the lion share of the cost and it's actually the lion share of the price increase over time as well so a lot of the typical. It'll cable TV. Consumer Year after year is paying more and more sports and broadcast content. If that's not what you want from your TV experience than you are stuck doc. Paying more and more for stuff that you don't care about and you don't watch that's really a lot of how we approached the content mix with Filo is to say there's a lot. The people who sports broadcast networks aren't the main thing they're looking to get or they're getting broadcast networks over the air you know. Can we give them an alternative where they can get really deep selection of entertainment lifestyle. Knowledge focused networks cable networks at a much lower price. That's how we can bring the price down to just twenty dollars a month. The people a taste of what some of the networks that you have. Yeah so you know things like Any AMC Discovery Channel Comedy Central Food Network HDTV ATV basically any non sports cable channel. And you can think of. There's a very good chance that we carry it missing the news networks. You correct me if I'm wrong. Don't don't non-sports nine news. We do have a couple of news networks but generally also the major cable news networks. Go with the sports networks. So why don't you have the news. Networks this consumer over here. That's basically all I want to say. I can live without most networks but I'd like to have the news networks there. Yeah it's funny. I mean I think that this is an area that could change. I think we're interested in seeing how we could offer news. But typically the news networks are owned by the same programmers grammars that owned The sports channels and they won't license them separately so if you wanted to offer in some of you know some of the news networks like NBC News We'd have to offer an MSNBC We'd have to offer all of the other comcast's NBC networks. which would drive up the cost significantly But I think there are some solutions. That could get us there. I think some people want news but interestingly we also hear a lot of people who say they're happy to not have news in the package. They sort of want to be prevented from their own sort of choices around watching the news content and they're happy to not have it in the lineup streaming streaming wars. How they affecting you everything that's been going on for the last year? Well let me answer that. But I'd like to get back to your point about all the cart as as well but I think that all the stuff around the streaming wars we've you at a super positive that it will be a big boon to what we're doing because you know all these new services that are coming to market Disney plus peacock. Hbo Max generally the way you get. These services is by using roku fire TV apple TV android TV these connected. TV devices which is where our service runs and we don't actually carry content from Disney NBC warner etc.. So they're actually really great. Add Ons to to Filo where you're not duplicating anything. And it's a way to get access to these libraries of content from other programmers for people who subscribe Filo Dot TV correct to the website. Our website is filed combat. We also have filed dot TV. That works just just as well. It's one less character type. Either one will get you to the same place and you can subscribe download the APP or you can download our APP we have on Android a Iowa etc.. I already mentioned. It's really easy to try file allow. I said it's literally under ten seconds to go to the website type in your phone number and once we confirm it. You're in the product you can start watching content right away. Andrew mccollum FILO DOT COM

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