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Welcome to the show Eugenia. How're you bring your thank you for having me awesome so so I love to kind of just get right in Tell me a little bit about yourself. I know you move to America from Argentina started a couple of companies. Tell me a little bit about your backstory in how you kind of wound up where you are right now. I'm almost fifty so long time for me to describe everything that happened in my life. Auto notes version short version. So I I was born nineteen many years ago I moved to the. US In two thousand three late two thousand and three with my family was working for Microsoft to at the time Microsoft Argentina. Were there for a couple years and then in wash it took me here and they offer me to stay forward originally was going to be only three years and then three years became four and five and then mortgage and kids and houses schools. I'm I'm I feel more like a native Pacific northwest. You know than anything else but I mean he is his Hossam Awesome. Tell me a little bit about striking the balance of kind of moving to a different country having a family having you know job and making that balance where what was that it like for you in the initial years you know some people ask me this question and maybe reflect because I'm also our or family are all immigrants to my. My own family is originally from Italy and from Spain and so like Somebody made a comment to me. Go to America actually my grandfather came to the US first and then he went to Argentina so my immigration. I was very different from others. You know my family left Europe in a time of trouble. You know very poor very difficult times and my circumstances were very different very different and I feel very fortunate so these white choice was an experienced that I wanted to have the we want to have I was married in. I had two boys to beverly young boys and so we here was a was an opportunity to learn in two different to experience a different culture. We tried to adopt or yourselves to the environment that was around us and so by that. I like to think that we have experienced a much richer. You know overall environment because we haven't closed ourselves to just where we knew we open up ourselves to everything else and he's been great. I WANNA go back in time just a little bit so before you left. Argentina and before joining Microsoft. You had started your own company in Argentina right. So what was that like. Why why did you want to start your own company? Be like a founder. Get into business at all. Okay so to answer that question I I need to go a little bit back in time and so when when I was you know I still have it. I have like these notebook with old drawings and names of companies and I was pleased with like changing the letters of my name and putting other things anyway. I was like brainstorming of names were companies and A. I still have like the sketches of my campus. 'cause I what what did you have like a like a corporate campus talking about putting the horse behind the carpenter fantasy Edwin. I wanted to build a company I always wanted always wanted that. I wanted to create something from nothing I guess and so my very first adventure was you know we with a friend. We invented device. There was a device for measuring servings things and automated mation measurements and that was a fantasizing like these Massey workshop the involved manufacturing right so we thought of all this industrial age but a factory factory but it never go beyond beyond my bedroom earlier but then to your mind stone when just go a went to engineering in school and technical stuff was always you know what I was attracted to and And so when I finished college h a friend of mine and I he had idea but we were really good friends. We decided to. Hey maybe we should make these faint and so we created this solution for a company. There was like the first the first instance off the pro that we built and it was terrible when he was great and it was terrible we worked countless hours. You know he was great the really good partners but both of us were like really naive young and we were like solely will be speaking serious. We have these ideas of what building a company was about all of them wrong. Ideas play the way. The worst of all mistakes was to think that you know we could build the Bronx and then people come and it will just by because it probably was awesome. It was great it was great and he was awesome But he was to hit of. Its time and we'd have no clue of things like pricing or marketing or saves over your support like all the different components that make company and so we just we also unlucky in a way that the first customer that we got was really awesome. They paid us they treated as well they like you know they were. It was not really easy so now way it reinforced all the wrong assumptions. The second customer game and it wasn't easy toward wave and he was like really a pain and they didn't pay us and like all the wrong things will be complete and pieces of the first swamp and so that was really hard and then you know we were exhausted after a year and something you know we decided to was it and then you went and you worked for Microsoft but eventually you wanted to jump back in you wanted found another company your CEO. Now tell me about what you're doing now and why you wanted wanted to take another shot at building your own thing and and building something from nothing I did it because he was stealing me right so moncus was awesome was great the best experience I could have asked for. I was reading lucky and very grateful but he wasn't my company. I wasn't unhappy is not. I was like every day like complaining Muslim. My my style. But it wasn't. I didn't feel fulfilled. And so my wife in their infinite wisdom sadly hey maybe you should change do something else and we. We started brainstorming about what to do and she said something. That's stuck with me. which is like you know you? You never regrets your mistakes. You always always regret what you don't know what will happen. You don't know the outcome is like the is the uncertainty of what breath. I should have a nubby. I shouldn't have. And so. She said like she encouraged me to take one year. Time time boxy she put some help me put some constraints in the adventure and And so that's always thought so. Toya resigned like with Microsoft in December to two thousand twelve zero with another friend.

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