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Today's guest on actually kind of my handwriting. TIME NOT GONNA absolute shock because jet LAG Kylo China's chief strategy of at Coin Mark. Thank you so much for Utah Franchise. Everybody knows what climb on Kep is holding another role for the last forty six. That's my first question. How around fool it has been more than six years so quite recap started? May Me twenty thirteen. So it's about six and a half years off six and a half years which is just about getting to the geriatric stage of Yes because it is a long time though is I mean you must have seen you. Traffic just grow absolutely out of control back in those early days. Aw yes I made twenty seventeen. Maybe it was one million page views last year we ended the year of three point. Six billion HP's Let's very interesting. So if I may be correlation between the price also Bitcoin paypal flooding audio sought. There is some Harley shaken. Yeah I think we'll win. A decipher started. The correlation was ninety nine percents because actually gone down quite a bit since. And now you've got something to talk to us about it on very interested in Segue to that in just a moment. The there's been talk about Ah The exchange ranked based on liquidity whether it's real fight with from running all this type of stuff now. There was a large. Tom Com look bunch of the Messenger. The message now who I thought something has. Could you tell us about what you guys doing way to help them. Mike you'll have become easier for the retail tried earn invest. It's really nervous. Honestly yes so speaking specifically for how we've been looking at data on the site so I think what you mentioned in terms of volumes and with what we adopted so back in two thousand thirteen. He adopted this Metropol volume. Oh you borrow from traditional finance Because you know intentional finds sexy really accurate if you look at volumes for real trading interests and activities that he so you don't wash treat their it's against rules obviously but I think when you look at crypto that has really changed like we know no. It's very decentralized. It's not that regulated the same way across jurisdictions so as we think about that we start crushing ourselves south in the last two years as volume still the best metre to us and so we started to answer that question but he's come up with liquidity eighty and we know like you said for retail investors liquidity is going to be the most important metric. Because we WANNA make sure you yeah and the best price is so. That's why you started difficult to that. And people question us for a year. You know like you said ask us and the reason why it took so long was because we have to keep going back to back tested data and keep testing data mart. Sure movie sure that it's robust so we don't want to do the kind of lackluster solutions. Like a heck job basically with you know just choosing some exchanges you trusted or using web traffic as random correlation or fixing specific orderbook. deb percentages leaving having all those are not ideal in terms of solutions. So what you've done is really make it. Super data driven mature adapts to all the tens of thousands of heart. Comparison is people. Come see for that come from the long tail. Absolutely I mean one of the things that From from your point of view we're looking. I'm from Arkansas traits contracts or sudden Magas because they just about mouth acquitted of the large cap that you've got the mall put any required to be able to exit into into an exit. Bree important for someone who's also sophisticated let size child. I can tell you that they whether it's good Lajolla. Quincy do you. Not because it's really easy to tell if you're looking for both for the General Joel Selling Industry. It's a fantastic tool that will definitely be having looked at as well. Now it's already available thinking already go to mark. It just came out today today today. which will be one of the night is give it? We got the exclusive regard. God had tried to call the guys. Are that another push for your mind but the ends to spill. I find this very interesting. Based on the field mice theories about again income inequality because the interest in the project basically hottest liquidity thrust traded investors outside and page one. Aw which is the top one hundred. How much traffic guys to page two three? Do you know any metrics on that because I paid one. That's that's the Mac Daddy brought your own page on. You'll visible to the world. Pay To get lots of the massive drop off for I think for people who come to just the page one and then drop off about thirty to forty percents but actually. It's still a sizable number going to June anthony and all the other pages on our site so this other the surging for all the big. I guess people still do. My perspective is totally different to the on. Not The tech back on all the person for the next whatever. They're looking for trademark page. One is is pretty much. WHOA SCAM every pool of off coin? Mark if I should take the top one hundred fifty put them into lives scandal me. Stay if that's where the volatility is. That's where the liquidity now some of the top. One fifty doesn't have much obliterating so I just out the door and that creates while they said about one hundred and twenty-five also And that's that we use ripping from Sam say which is very very interested. So what sort of things you got going for. Obviously you've got this new liquidity providing leading asset or tool I you continually growing. Obviously there's more people come in each one of the premise quotes debate. What's to business? Mobile going forward is to do more of the same. You Got Chemical. What's the plan is going to try to get to us? Oppose multiple parts of this and the liquidity equity metric. That's the first one good thing. The main point is quite record cap after all being data seconds to make sure that data continues to say accuracy. So was that We're also looking at new pricing rhythms. So right now. We are using our pricing over them and that's volume weighted average price. I think as we look look at making liquidity default metric. We are thinking how can we use liquidity as an input surprising. Well that's interesting yeah. I think that's interesting going forward. We also have actually already a state of the art pricing algorithm that we're testing so it is a graph based model. Basically we've found a way to account for all the relationships all decrypted assets and solve a simultaneous equation that does all of these relationships and saint wage. Yeah yeah that's that's what we're doing so we're Argon. Cu launch that sometime soon. So that's GonNa be an by itself. I think very interesting mm fight accurately passing it by.

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