WWDTM Best of the Decade - burst 37


Smokes so much. We'd when he finally exhales sales it looks like there's a new pope they're fumigating but still she's GonNa get a contact high and we're excited for when Sony Green Lights the fifty fifty million dollar film a bunch of swirling colors starring George Clooney a lava lamp. Here is your next limit. hydroponics are helping plot. Master cotton tails here quite a lot. I've found rabbit. Habits include fresh cannabis yes. Yes Peter's addicted to pot and I should say that the Peter mentioned is Peter Cotton tail. Utah is close to becoming the latest state to legalize medical marijuana but one. Da Agent raised the alarm in front of the Utah Legislature. He warned warned them. That rabbits might eat the weed. And then what would you have. You'd have a bunch of crazed rabbits running around. They'd run rampant in the states cornfields cornfields and Taco orchards. Here's your last Limor. Bet You really great let's See how how you doing this one answer marijuana I did you know well. Let 'em read the

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