Panthers Score 4-1 Against Penguins For Rare Win In Pittsburgh


A big big bounce back victory for the Florida Panthers over Roy's most hated rival. Sidney crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins play I I was just about got into that Sidney crosby was out however the penguins are still a good team and the panthers needed this win because the painters are also a good team and the panthers are doing this thing now where they're starting to have good teams at still end up. Missed the playoffs. which that Kinda sucks? Because if you're going to miss the playoffs be like bordering on bad but don't be wasting and we have so few good teams right now. The standings are the Florida panthers thanks to that victory or the very last team in the playoffs. Qualify as wildcard and. Something needs to be done. I know we do this every time. Because I don't understand but something needs to be done about these. Nhl L. Playoff standings for the love of God. Just make one through eight. I don't care about this division. Stop trying to make divisions happen. The Panthers play offs based off of Wins in Regulation S. tie-break tie-break. See Look Right now. A team like the Philadelphia flyers is on the outside looking in a good team. Philadelphia flyers are good team. They deserve to be in the playoffs. But they're not how about we expand the playoffs so teams. There's so many good teams lose the F- The flyers are going to have a hundred points season. That happened happened to the panthers right where they had one hundred points. They didn't have one hundred points and they had a ninety six point season and missed the playoffs. That's the most of any team as Mr play all right now. We're at the halfway halfway point of the season right. Yeah right now. You have the Philadelphia Flyers in the Florida Panthers Right now. That's eight nine in the conventional standings. Right that's last WOCKHARDT and secondly And and second last wildcard no last wildcard and outside looking in. Yes right now. There are forty nine points each. So Oh they're trending to break the panthers record of most points on the Oh ally the panthers right now. A trending to get ninety eight points this season so hopefully they don't break the record. Yeah no games in hand. which is which is a bummer? Because I love counting on those games on hand but it was a big result assault for the Florida Panthers. Bobrovsky is getting killed. Mostly by Jonathan's Aslam Brendan Tobin from for those who Tobin Donovan. Sorry go ahead. You can their local sports. Radio hosts on seven ninety two ticket former flags. Hope it has had bob on a bunch his show. I thought he's like a huge bob supporter quarter. Because I feel like anytime that Bob fails like I could be getting that wrong. been writing them pretty deal with token Bob. Yeah I don. I haven't followed that all right so get to the bottom of it and I'll get back to you let me know where he's definitely hates. Bob Zaza only Lee six more years of this contract which is not not going to happen. You didn't sign Bobrovsky to be here for sixty that alternate bout because this is this. This is young really that good. I mean he's representing the country in the world. I find we didn't win the world hockey. Juniors no candidates game

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