Boeing chief fired but 737 concerns persist


Questions continue to swirl around bowing a day after it was announced CEO Dennis Mullen Berkeley depart the company ABC's trapper alt with more moment Berg leaves his post is nearly four hundred brand new seven thirty seven MAX jets sit on the ground with the assembly line about to be shut down two crashes one in Indonesia and another in Ethiopia killed nearly three hundred fifty people and led to the grounding of the aircraft Boeing develop software fixes in announced it would start delivering jets again this month but that anger the FAA the agency's new administrator saying his workers shouldn't feel pressure I want you to take the time you need and focus solely on safety I've got your back Boeing's new CEO Dave Calhoun doesn't officially start for three weeks but he's already been on the phone phone with with the the FAA FAA had had in in multiple multiple airlines airlines trying trying to to reset reset relationships relationships though though some some travelers travelers are are skeptical skeptical it it takes takes a a lot lot to to rebuild rebuild that that faith faith once it's been crushed and mowing did a bad job in that on several levels as he stepped away from the job Dennis Miller bird could be looking at a pretty hefty payday impossible severance package worth nearly forty million dollars Boeing tells ABC the company is focused on transition not

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