All about the Benjamins, baby! Expert financial planner Shannon McLay is on the pod to chat how to beat the shame around messy money habits and become financially fit for your future. - burst 5


Around credit. Yeah I love credit using credit cards cards or like having Credit Suisse. Yeah so it's funny. People have a negative reaction to credit cards because maybe they have credit card debt and a lot of people do there's trillions of dollars credit card edit there. I always say credit cards aren't the problem. They're just a payment method. So as long as you're paying it off it's just a payment method like paying cash or debit card. It's just are are you paying it off every month and it's very easy to overspend with actually when you swipe a debit or a credit card literally that thought Processing Center of your brain the the front front part of your brain. That's processing that it happened. numbs you actually feel good. So you don't even like it's your literally mindlessly swiping so you can get very out of control and credit because you're literally your brain's not taking into account so that's why for some clients. Were suggesting cash. It's because is cash makes me more mindful and you actually have to count it. It's leaving but we love it. I mean so. We saw our clients who are are financially fit. And I'm responsible responsible. Their credit we use credit card rewards points with all

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