New Safety Risks Under Scrutiny on Boeing's 737 Max


The latest audit of Boeing's fleet of ground at seven thirty seven MAX places on covered another design flaw almost Brian Calvert has more live on the discovery that went public over the weekend despite of last month's audit ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration Boeing is said to have found previously on reported concerns with its seven thirty seven MAX according to The New York Times the new concern is with the wiring the controls the plane's tail there apparently two sections of wiring so close together it could cause a short circuit a Boeing spokesperson says it's premature to speculate whether this discovery will lead to further design changes changes or or further further delays delays in in returning returning the the Max Max fleet fleet to to the the skies skies after after continuing continuing to to churn churn out out dozens dozens of of planes planes in in the the months months since since the the Max Max was was initially initially grounded grounded the the company company is is still still planning planning to to suspend suspend production of the plane this month voices Max workers in Renton will be temporarily reassigned

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