Remembering David Stern



Longtime NBA. Commissioner David. Stern turn passed away on Wednesday after suffering brain hemorrhage he was seventy seven years old. Here's Jeremy Shop with remembrance of the man left an indelible mark on the sport of basketball ask ball in his thirty years as commissioner. David Stern made it possible for the NBA to scramble from the brink of bankruptcy and irrelevance to a position of global significance unthinkable in the dark days of the late nineteen seventy s and early nineteen eighties. The League was beset by drug problems. uh-huh teams were going bankrupt in the finals. Braun tape delay that stunning reversal of fortune is why stern will be remembered as perhaps the rapist leader of any sports league ever. Of course the League's rebirth can be attributed solely to stern savvy and toughness. It wasn't stern turn after all who fashioned from clay transcendent Larry Bird Magic Johnson rival rate. It wasn't stern imbued Michael Jordan with his gifts. Either but make no mistake. There might be no other sports executive ever who so deftly utilize the tools at his disposal. No other commissioner so clearly recognized recognized and exploited the resources of his sport with Stern in charge the NBA called itself fantastic but it was really a star factory the league marketed. It stars to the Hilt No league ever better mastered the art of Marketing Than David Stearns. Da at its inception seven years before the advent of the Internet not to mention twitter or instagram the slam dunk contest was a phenomenon. must see event created by stearns Lieutenant Edrich welts people too young to seem Jordan versus Dominique. In the heat of the competition can hardly fathom how big a deal it was then in nineteen ninety two. There was the Dream Team. The ultimate expression of stern strategic thinking of his desire to make the league a global brand Dan with Jordan and magic in Barclay in Olympic uniforms. The world was suddenly. Cyprus turns unique brand of basketball. Diplomacy and capitalism ah soon the entire planet would be turned into a marketplace for NBA TV rights. And eventually the jerseys players such as Lebron James Ten years after the first Dream Team won gold in Barcelona yao-ming was the top overall pick in the draft. This was not coincidence in in. Its own way. Yes arrival was a milestone in the same order of magnitude as the magic bird rivalry in the rise of Michael Jordan. There was a good reason why stern headed seat. On the Council on Foreign Relations in terms of his management style. Stern was not a man to be trifled with he could be intimidating demanding reading imperious. In fact all of the above but he can also be charming and refreshingly blunt and honest even on the subject of the Owners for whom he worked for example when the New York Knicks lost a court battle about sexual harassment in their front office demonstrates that they're not the model intelligent management of course under stern rain for so long. There were many challenges and controversies. Even as total revenue players salaries skyrocketed. There were too many lockouts. There was infamous Pacers Pistons Pistons Brawl in Detroit which exposed yawning disconnect in the relationship between players and fans. Tim Donigi veteran. NBA referee went to prison on gambling related charges but in the end David Stern will be remembered for all the ways in which he elevated the game enriching his his owners and the players popularizing the league and places where it had been virtually no he also helped create the WNBA and champion day. Back when stern took over it would have seen it best unlikely that the NBA would become a global behemoth. It's perhaps the ultimate testament David stearns vision. The now it all seems to have been

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