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Today we're going to go into a gain. The journey of the trade the tribes mixed up with some reason and I wanted to discuss with you. Speak to you about tame now. The reason I speak about team today is because like the last couple of days I've been hard at work in the studio with some great people he might same. We've we've been altogether. We flew. Look the apprentice up and one of the wonderful community members Bras come out with his cameras and we shot some stuff against the grain screens. Green some some new stuff that we've not done before I really exciting progression really enjoying the steps that we take and super proud of what we're doing at the moment. I Count Whiteness. The end result the bullet comics or use it but some it just made me think how great the people I have around me and I thought to myself about all the teams missile. I've worked within and brought me back to trading as well because you can be in a tame where it's toxic where you for example at work you going to work and you might not want Debate work you. You might have talks ick management or just bad people around you that are always bringing you down dragging the energy out of you and there's just so important and to have the right people to work with that are gonNA bring the best out in you now. Of course I'm talking about my team that runs these business that helps all the people that we need to in November in our communities. And all that sort of stuff. I've got a great team. We've pan picked him. They've grind a lot and we've thrown an awful lot at them these we've had so much guy on and we've grown a great dealing. I'm so proud of what we've achieved but got me to thinking about my trading tank. Because I had different trading team to what I do now for example when I was in London and I was more or less bomb itself most of those years and that was the whole reason for creating the community in slack. Gripe is because I I just really believe that if I had other people trading the same strategies as what I was that I would learn more and I learned a lot faster and I had to have different. Mantles people that Had already had success or were year or two ahead of me or just picked it up. Quick I mean he doesn't have to be time doesn't necessarily make you a better try to It generally does if you take the right steps but some people pick it up quicker than others. And that's just the fact of life in everything really but what I was thinking was who's in my team now and for me. My team really evolves around my community I I don't try it any longer. With any of the guardsmen. There still there in sky. The old school Will you slack and facebook and whatnot. L. Discord no the different telegrams and whatnot but for me. My community is my trading reading buddies. It's my it's my tame and it's such a good thing that they're hoping people in there and they're all looking for the same things I'm looking for now sometimes was all white in and also looking at. Maybe you WanNa reconsider this or more often than not if somebody says what do you think of this. I'll say first of all what do you think of this hanes. You decision based on May I want you to make a decision and then all of us anything to reconsider and an inch navy member within the community also helps to keep each other honest I suppose then then there's the mentor people sending their screen shots all all go through all that. Try and I'll do mentoring award in three two. They tried to get to watch that. It's facebook which is great and that's what like give back to their communities. Well there's also other people that are in my tame I'm a trading team and it's kind of well I wanNA talk about trading. I talk about having to be at one with self centered feeling good. I always talk about you know if I'm not feeling great. I want trading because I do have chronic fatigue syndrome. It does mean they're up. Here is Tom. I just went tried tried because I'm just not feeling good enough. So the other areas the other people that are remind same external to the market so today for example I will be going and seeing a therapist who are saying for the last eighteen months and essentially she takes all the an arts and much of it strange but she takes a lot out of the stress Outta me. A lot of the energy the pent-up frustrations and whatnot. That you just carry day today and you don't really realize it and as a business owner and as a trader that both pretty intense things things take on an and you don't realize how much actually carrying until you release that so it's a really important member of my team that I haven't seen the two months and I realized because after all the content we've been doing and recording standing in presenting for the last two days I was like man Phil Phil One. I'm very happy that it's done because today on just short on really retired so not to the point of our feelings secret and to the point where I'm feeling like you know what I'm GonNa take some advice. I've gotta get back into saying that member of my team. So that's what I'm GONNA do. I'M GONNA go out and I'M GONNA see my Bowen Therapists this evening afternoon. I'm trying to get myself back into that release. Let all the negative energy out that I feel am carrying and sometimes the simplest noticing that by lying in bed trying to relax and you find yourself clinching. You Joe's clench together your tongues pushing the toffee math or you or what is it that higher level and that's really you carry too much on born. I won't bring out the best in you coming back to the team thing. I'm going to be seeing my bowen therapists not to try and help get a bit more grounded. I also so have a therapist that I work with Tom Usually once a month. I haven't seen her for a while either. And you get that Book Dean and I see a hypnotherapist as well again as an area of make sure shoulder by stay on the path that I wished to stay on so I do have a pretty solid team around me to be out to work at the way work at the level that I do and so and remained focused focused throughout so want you guys to really challenge yourself today. I think about because the Martin obey that many great opportunities traits now. I might be wrong on going to do the scanning about nine nine minutes. I want you to reconsider. Who's in your name and your team? You don't have to spend money for your team by the way you can be as simple as the friends that you have around you. You'll support pod in your partner your husband your wife your kids. Your best might Who's in your team? How often are you calling on Hamilton? You using using the bad the Hamilton you calling on them for the support you need or getting that. Release that stress that conversation. Whatever the brings you back to that? Oh you didn't reset reset come back from this little back down to this level if you're a surfer if you're someone who's in the water all time low of exercise than that used to be what mine was because of the fatigue. I can't do that quite so much anymore. Of how to Alter Alta the way that I operate and I have done it was working and I stopped using them. If ain't broke. Don't fix it. Who's in your team? And how often and you get the most out of them and should you replace team members or should you add some team members. TAME is a huge part of Bang you. That's a huge part of being successful trader. Because it helps helps you to be the best version of yourself so have a great day how to think about that and I wish you all the best buffet. Now

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