The US military remains on high alert after Iranian attack



Iran has struck back at the United States for killing a top revolutionary guards commander they're calling it revenge are on fire this series of ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq that house American troops no immediate reports of US casualties it is a major escalation between the two long time foes and there are worries and there have been worries the two were close to war but now there are some indications there may not be immediate further retaliation on either side at least right away so we're going to begin our coverage in Baghdad Iraq as we bring in correspond to Monica Roger to tell us what's the current status US forces across the region are on high alert air defenses have been activated across the middle eastern male tree official here telling us that in the hours following that Iranian attack US and Iraqi forces were patrolling outside their of bases also drones and helicopters flying overhead over these bases housing U. S. of forces here in Baghdad our team saw an AC one thirty gunships of flying over central Baghdad of course includes the green zone and you know while the Iranians said that they've concluded their retaliation still everyone is on high alert they're not only concerned about military targets military installations we used in the U. S. embassy in Amman Jordan in an unusual a rare kind of security alert security warning telling US citizens in that country to keep a low profile and out of an abundance of caution telling US government employees in Jordan to try to avoid leaving their homes today for anything that is non essential and that includes keeping their children at home and not going to school okay thanks to demonic garage in Baghdad she's going to be back with us later this morning live from Baghdad for a more in depth look at the situation there well the Pentagon says fifteen missiles were fired ten struck the Hollis on air base in Iraq's western Anbar province one struck a base and meal in Iraq semi autonomous Kurdish region four missiles failed to hit their targets president trump tweets all as well for more on that let's bring in Jeremy diamond from the White House there was indeed a tweet Michael and unlike the fire and brimstone the bellicose rhetoric that we saw from the presidents in recent days after and that strike that he ordered killing Iranian general Qassem Soleimani now we see from the president all is well so far so good an optimistic tone it appears from the president in the wake of this Iranian retaliation a dozen missiles that struck two bases to Iraqi bases housing U. S. troops in a rock the president though from that sweet you can tell that he's clearly focused on this issue of casualties making clear that that casualty and damage assessment is still under way but saying that so far it appears to be so good and the president though of course did draw this red line a couple of days ago as it relates to Iranian retaliation he wasn't just talking about American casualties in fact the president said that if Iran retaliated and sh and and targeted American interests in the region that that in and of itself would warrant this massive American military retaliation which of course the president has been threatening for a couple of days for now though the president at taking up a statement coming up later this morning the president saying that he will address this situation we will see what he says as far as where he's headed we know that the president is being pulled very much into different directions either using this as an opportunity to take an offramp here and say look there were no American casualties let's see escalate or perhaps following through on that red line

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