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Ready to get somebody's attention to I didn't go well did it now no


Anyway on to the next place very nice people nice people nice young man complimented him on his for a politician at he was a rebel I can't remember one of the fish some fishing or at he was super nice yeah pro helpful but they didn't have any trees over six foot you have to go to another lot of theirs that was of no six o'clock supposedly well what was the six we were told me out so that's why I said it didn't have the cones up in front so we pulled in we checked out all the trees listen live stream into full trees but could never find anybody we were there a good twenty five minutes every bit looked at half a dozen trees nobody came out of the house knocked on the door nobody came out Sam was played we have music was playing inside yeah so we left and I'd had gave up by that time on Sunday and just said

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Ready to get somebody's attention to I didn't go well did it now no

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