Taylor Swift Celebrates Her 30th Birthday and Diddy Celebrates his 50th Birthday


One seven and what have you learned to learn learn we got a sneak peek at the movie Top Gun maverick yes that is the top gun sequel starring Tom Cruise and in this trailer cruise returns as a flight instructor for young fighter pilots the film's also starring Val Kilmer as Iceman Jennifer Connelly and here is John him are also in the movie as well if you can catch talk gun maverick in theaters twenty six oh June twenty six okay our is is it probably uncredited role that's so funny you don't can I just tell you I it looks good but so sad to me I felt because you'll remember what maverick looks like in his younger days and then you get this tight shot of Tom Cruise and it's just sad you get secondhand bears watching a little bit as for me I don't know my husband thought it looked amazing but he also is it and if you were I mean I'm the number fan too so it just depends on where you're coming at it

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