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The IPAD. This is one of the shows when we put that on the list. I was thinking this is one that is going to be an emotional journey for me because I am a particular fan of the IPAD and it has taken me ups and downs. It's been a very emotional apple product for me But I thought before we got into the details of worthy IPAD is today. I thought it'd be fun to spend a little bit of time. Just kind of talking about how the IPAD came to be and kind of the genesis of the product. I think that helps inform what has happened in. Maybe where it's going and the The the story is I mean the the Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography. There's a lot of people that have a lot of problems with that book. But he does a good job documenting some of the apple products and how they came to be one of the interesting stories. He tells them the book is how seems wife? Convinced him to go to dinner with somebody from Microsoft and the guy couldn't stop blathering on about the windows tablet system and Steve got so mad that he went back to apple said. Okay then we can make one to and You know I'm kind of summarizing but that that's really we're apples started thinking about the touch operating system and the very first iphone was not an iphone. It was an IPAD. Even though it probably didn't have that name at the time it was you know what if we had a small screen not iphone screen but like an ipad size screen and we put a touch operating system on it and they started playing with that and very quickly realized that no way to second? This technology is good enough. We could make a phone out of it. They they kind of abandoned or put on the shelf. The tablet plans and went all in on the product. That eventually became the iphone So the the IPAD started before the iphone but didn't get finished until after they kind of got the iphone into the market and was an established product. But from the outside. I can tell you I was very excited about apple making a tablet for very long time. It had been rumored for ever just like the phone hat right if you go back to two thousand five or so people talking about apple's going to do a phone is going to be based on the IPOD and of course they're remorse with click wheel. Yeah boo-boy and there were a lot of rumors about the tablet as well and there were during that time frame. That guy talked about and wrote about wanting it to run MAC software and clear in hindsight. That wasn't where they were ever going to go and didn't make much sense. But the the iphone kind of laying the the way for the IPAD. I think apple did things in the right order. I remember multiple trips for some reason. There's one bridge on the The freeway to the Orange County airport and I would fly up there for macworld every year and for some reason I drive onto that bridge every time and think about is this year. We're going to get the tablet and to this day. I still think about the IPAD traffic bridge. Now your brain makes these connections but and there were all these ways. The thing about like you said is going to be like a Mac that would make sense because a lot of the original windows tablets were windows computers and they had fans and they had they were big and they ran windows computing platform with a pin. So naturally you would think apple would go that direction but as the iphone took root and became bigger. I think a lot a lot of folks thought. Well you know a touch interface. Kind of big iphone is what they're going to do but are they going to do and nobody knew how big the screen size was gonna be. Nobody knew how much they're going to. You know. Keep it just like the iphone versus stray from the IPHONE. Give it a separate operating system and all this stuff was hypothetic- hypothetical and It was great kind of fun figuring out what it would be and speculating about it. Just you know one of the fun things about liking apple stuff sometimes is trying to figure out you know like now. We're talking about what these glasses going to be like. It was the same thing but I think it was more fun. Talking about. The tablet is a tablet. Is something that a lot of people actually wanted. I'm not sure the glasses are is going to be as popular so we had all these thoughts and and I remember one of the thoughts. We thought about was price. If there was a lot of rumors I think including in the Wall Street Journal that this was going to cost nine ninety nine and at the time that you could get a Mac book for I think eleven or twelve ninety nine so phallic yeah. This'll be a little bit less than a laptop and I think I think a lot of people going into the event really thought nine was gonna be it I would. I would have expected that to be the price you know. In in hindsight that was half the price. That was one of the big deal. I mean one of the biggest announcements of the IPAD was the price point. It was four ninety nine. Yeah there's this great bit in the keynote and I'm GonNa put in the notes. I recently rewatch the IPAD. Keynote into like a commentary. Track if you haven't seen that on my youtube channel it'll be available for you and there's this great line that we wanna make our best technology available for everybody and bigger wrong for nine still a lot of money for a lot of people but it is way more attainable. The nine ninety nine and it really made the. I've had seemed like something that anyone could attain for not that much money compared to a laptop which is really cool. I guess I love to technology when it's new. Come come out where you know price. It's pretty accessible. I remember someone telling me that was at the event that at the time they said. How can apple make this for four ninety nine four ninety nine? And how can they sell this and make money off of it and the apple executives appointed Tim Cook in the audience and said because of that guy that's whites for ninety nine and so that was like one of the first time Tim Cook became real prevalent to mind for me in terms of his relationship to what he's doing for apple so it is an interesting product. The other thing that's interesting about the four nine thousand nine price was a lot of us going in wanted more from the IPAD than a big iphone. I mean I did. I mean you wanted a Mac right. You wanted to run keyboard master on your IPAD so That I think that was a fair position. I mean obviously it's not the direction they went what they did was they made a big iphone or maybe even more apt a big ipod touch and it really had the same icon grid. It did not stray the answer the question earlier the original ipad did not stray at all very far from the iphone And I think that four ninety nine price for a lot of us myself included kind of distracted me from the fact that it wasn't as powerful as I would have liked it to have been. There is clear may even to this day right. There's clear. Dna shared between the IPHONE and IPAD in his early days. Yes the interface was redone. They talk a lot about that. And that keynote we went into all of our APPS and crater these new you is to take advantage of the nine point seven screen but the IPAD didn't do anything markedly different than what the iphone could do as terms of functionality. It kind of was a big phone that that changed over time. I think that's pretty different now. But in those early days that was criticism that was often hurled at the IPAD. And it wasn't completely unfounded. However apple did realize that we've got a bigger screen. So what can we do with it? And they spent a significant portion of the the product announcement keynote talking about productivity up specifically. All the I work apps came over and interesting ways I mean I. I would argue to this day. Some of the design paradigm they brought to the IPAD with those original are better than a lot of the third party. Apps to this day in terms of trying to adopt it as will would if we put a spreadsheet on a tablet. You know what would different what would be different. How would we change the input mechanism etcetera? And so so they did try to answer the question with the launch. But you know I I in insight. There was a long ways to go in that introduction Phil Schiller calls numbers the spreadsheet. That's cool and fun to use thing. Okay Okay Phil Schiller but I think it was important that they started with I work. I live came with the IPAD two year later. They were building the case. You can do work on. This is going to good for email and web browsing and looking at your photos but if you need to write a document or you need to work on a presentation which. I still think he didn't on the IPAD is. It's so much fun to use as much fun to put sides together that way they were building. That story at the IPAD was a creation

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