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All right before we dive into talking about one on ones. What our one on ones like. How would you describe what a one on one is? And what are they four. Obviously it's a meeting. That's but the point of them would mean I'm kind of curious 'cause I memes and meetings and say oh it could be a medium. I Dunno maybe probably out there right so the meeting. It's a meeting. Yes there's usually two people one on one Also not necessarily with your manager. That's a typical meeting. The one on one with your manager but yeah it could be with another like a colleague another engineer. Maybe a partner that you work closely with third base At the most common thing as meeting with your team leader your manager whatever their title is and it's a it's like a check in hot to kind of for both sides like how are you are you doing. Are there questions for me? How can I help you like? There's kind of A. It's a two way dialogue and it's just a good check in so that when you eventually have. Let's say a performance review at the end of the year. You kind of know where your ad like constantly like. You're always checking in on that. So there's no surprises at the at the end of the year can think one of the main differences. Like what you're saying between that and like another meeting is it's unstructured or at least the ones that I've been in. I don't know that I've ever really been in a one on one with an agenda. As -sarily sort of just like a good time to put time facetime on the calendar with someone that you need to be sort of maintaining some sort of relationship with. I sometimes have had an agenda. Yeah Yeah it's not too bad because sometimes you're just like bullets of like what do i WanNa talk about. Mainly it's been for my own remembering. What am I supposed to talk this person but not with everyone I find? I actually prefer the casual like meeting. What's up stock? Also be the manager with someone who reports to me. I look at it as like a try really hard not always good at it of not been the one talking like I. I want to look at it as a way for the person coming into the meeting is to be able to share what they wanNA talk about. Sometimes that might have to share some seen some changes happening or who knows out or ask a status update which hate doing as well. I really like Stacey said. It's a two way dialogue and kind of what you were mentioning Ryan. Yeah it definitely. Is that kind of dedicated. Time where you wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable going to the hallway and be like Hey WanNa know how I'm performing and stuff I feel. It's a really nice like dedicated time that your manager can well assuming we're talking about manager magic and set aside time for you and really like check in with. You is actually really interesting because I love how you don't have. You don't necessarily have an agenda. Actually my manager kind of says you know this is your time use agenda if I have stuff I will call out what the agenda is for that you know but it's really like this. Time is your time but natural you kind of have to run the meeting yourself so you as in the engineer Yes yes. Yes or his designer or individual contributor. I see what do you put on your agenda who me. I mean not very specific. Right but like in generalities like you're having a problem with stacy stealing my thoughts. Go back at least at least for me. I I've definitely seen the value of one wins a lot more. I used to ruin not know what to use them for the way I've used them is really sharing so things that I feel. I've been doing because I feel sometimes manager doesn't get the visibility of the work that I get to do all the time. He's always following me. That'd be really creepy. But he is so many meetings that sometimes it's Isis share. Some the wins that I have and then also if I'm ever curious like how performing or what it could be doing. Better try to ask for that feedback but usually a two-way dialogue. Always checking in. That's great. I think some team leads. Yeah they have. Maybe a lot managed have a huge number of people who reports them too. So it is I would imagine it would be hard to keep track of all the little wins or things that you feel like you did while on during the week like they may not know so. That's like that's awesome. It is a good opportunity to just like promote yourself. Talk about the things that have gone well but also maybe things that could have gone better. Tm also looking for ways that you can get help from someone were advice on shares. How long you typically meet with someone one on one three to four hours while tens of meeting? No that's a nightmare like home. Goodness and then what's The cadence very very? I must have a small brain. 'cause I can't even like half an hour usually and like sometimes once a week. I've had some teammates at one at once. Like WanNa do that once a week but I almost feel like sometimes it might be too much depending on your team size like if your team lead is at your St Lucie. Do stand ups. If you're saying that Saturday in kind of have an idea like what you're doing maybe once we get too much 'cause you're like are already kind of around everything that's happening but I think every two weeks seems good for me like I like that cadence. That's usually typically what I've scheduled for even minor Especially as my team has gotten larger. It's been like okay. Well let's easier to Kinda space them out but also I want people to not wait for the one on one like if there's something that comes up throw time on the calendar or just grabbed me because that's important as well. I meet with engineers on my team. I meet with my manager. I meet with other managers in the company or people that are partner with and so the cadence can actually differ and even the time like my manager for the longest time we were meeting on our weekly it was kind of a status and for my own personal growth but also like sometimes just talking about team oriented things especially when it was just him in managing the team. That was very valuable is kind of a mix of strategic but yeah it varies. I think sometimes I meet with someone once a month or maybe once a quarter like XIV even had some littering cadences like that. Yeah I guess well I mean it really depends on the person sort of like toe to Ryan's point Like with my manager. It's half hour re two weeks and even sometimes like that doesn't feel quite enough but I mean half hour can go by really quickly especially as in my situation. If you're new to the company that I have a lot to learn about how we operate and also there's a lot of questions about you know just general career stuff but when it comes to sort of anybody else I sort of do it in like an ad hoc way especially with sort of like relationships and I'm building on the team it's really more informal. It's kind of like just enough time to walk across the street and get a coffee. Walk around the block come back and that can that can actually be really productive. Even if it's short he I think it's a good way to like even just doing like that is more casual thing is. You're also you're building trust in getting to know someone in that's like a one on one can be very valuable for that interesting. Mars to going back to your saying like be new to accompany and I think that's another time where I almost like over scheduled When someone's new because there are so many questions and it's like a lot of times like someone will have a legit bullet list of agenda. It's like I have all these questions on my great. Let's go through them so it might even be like once a day or maybe I do schedule an hour or like. There's a couple times or I'll do more especially early on in the first couple of weeks. Yeah definitely have you have any of you like narrow down what I guess you talked about how you like half an hour might be too little like when I when I moved from every note to twitch was interesting because I had a one week half an hour and moved to every two weeks one hour of and I. I personally like the two week cadence more because I feel like there's just a lot more to talk about. Yeah the half an hour ones is like. Oh we just talk last week and I I at least me didn't feel like there's enough meat sometimes to talk about stuff graduate. We don't really go to an hour. That's why when you said three hours I was like Oh goodness Nice though. Setting that time aside even if you don't fill it up. I mean it's exactly reasonable. Hey we don't really talk about like we always over time. Yeah but sometimes it can be really hard to get time with your manager or really with anyone on the team depending on like what's going on or how your team is structured. So that actually sounds pretty nice just to have that hold their. Yeah Yeah and there have been rare times where we have hidden our And that's because there was a lot to talk about the most timely just a little more than half an hour so perfect you know. I've never really too sure everyone's late to the meeting. Every company has the traditional five minutes. You know twenty five minute meeting. And that's that's when it gets really really

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