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Merger we start with your open mind headlines UFC homeless pull U. S. C. pulled likely voters before the March primary and found that homelessness is the biggest issue for voters Dr Gary Peters says the big takeaway is the number of people who say they've had personal experiences with homelessness and fear it could happen to family and friends cam sex there are growing concerns about him six in west Hollywood that's when people use drugs like methamphetamine cocaine and MDMA to enhance sexual activity and lower inhibitions Melissa McCracken Kim sex counselor for breathe life healing center in west Hollywood says it's not just a drug problem but also a mental health issue apple labor the California Supreme Court rules that apple must pay its employees for the time it takes to search their bags backpacks and apple devices after their shift is over law professor Michael liberally from the university of Illinois says this is likely to have a big impact up and down the state district attorney Jackie Lacey announced that she had secured the dismissal of sixty six thousand marijuana convictions in Los Angeles county this is part of a national effort to undo the harsh effects of a decades long drive for the move which comes years after California voters legalized marijuana reverses decades of drug enforcement that disproportionately targeted people of color who then faced barriers in finding housing and jobs and in rolling in school and the Lakers announce February twenty fourth two twenty four and the date for the celebration of Kobe Bryant's life it's the first official memorial to commemorate Kobe and give the city and Lakers fans a chance to grieve ward and gather together the celebration will be at staples center the ticket sale proceeds benefit Bryant's mom and mom to see to sports foundation Tammy Heidi is it realistic to be hoping and waiting for a corona virus vaccine can extend seventy newsradio is Charles Feldman a Mike Simpson shot this question to doctor Peter hotel as dean of the national school of tropical medicine at Baylor college of medicine he helped to develop a sars vaccine that might be the foundation for a new corona virus vaccine with sars and this virus being in the same family what are we thinking that maybe that could be a good base to to jump off of yeah absolutely it turns out that the two hours is a pretty closely related we know this because the Chinese invested a lot in science and they got a huge amount of information shortly after the outbreak that show that the virus by the same receptor in the long so the two viruses sorry one corner to Paris and the fact that they're about eighty percent similar so there's even a possibility that some of the sars vaccine our family developed could even find use in this current epidemic okay bought it and and let's see if we can you know briefly but succinctly explained to the audience the steps that need to happen if it turns out that this works before it's available at your you know your neighborhood pharmacy or your physician's office yeah it's actually quite an extraordinary story so we were funded by the national institutes of health to develop a sars vaccine and are we we turned around pretty quickly were able to develop it show a protected laboratory animals against sars sure it was pretty safe and avoided some of the state you heard of that the other stars vaccines presented and then we actually have a manufacturer so we thought we were ready to go through trials but then we couldn't attract anybody to invest in clinical trials so there is no interest because there's one so we are kept the vaccine and stability protocol meaning testing to see if they're still stable that didn't get great it is an and here we are that was done in twenty sixteen and now we're trying to see if we can move this vaccine forward but the problem is this you know despite what the anti vaccine people often like to say that vaccines are not adequately sept tested for safety there in fact the most safety captain pharmaceuticals we have so that's the slow point so there's a number of technologies that are out there but this new in corona virus at the damage and it's a it's a matter of not doing well with the safety tests that need to be done and really can't rush those too much so that's going to slow everybody how long does it take when you're really you know gas pedal down we need a vaccine what is the shortest you can get one out it's hard to say you know the the rules are changing a little bit because you know we've seen if we're really in a dire situation like Ebola in Congo we can do some things in parallel so let me see how quickly we can move on this can also members not up to us in currently yep the epicenters in China those golf to be at the Chinese authorities to see how quickly we want to move so are you optimistic that there will be some vaccine if not the D. are a derivative of the experimental sars vaccine that you were involved with some other one are you optimistic that there will be one within the next what two years three years yeah I mean if we have that much of the time I'm pretty certain because turns out the technology to make a rotavirus vaccine is not as complicated as HIV aids or or some of the other viruses I mean there are issues around insuring that it's that it's safe but I think it's definitely doable it's just very tough do this in such a crisis setting and moves so for so very quickly so it's all hands on deck everybody's working very hard to see if we can get this vaccine is to try and I think it's going to be about four five candidates backing candidates out there and again it's a matter of resources is ours is somebody willing to pay for all the safety testing for all four five the ones because if you just rely on one it's putting your eggs on one basket you're the high risk of failure so what we're hoping to see is that the global health leaders invested in four or five of these and the wires and with the help someone emerges as and a clear vaccine that protects the stone Sir Peter hotels dean of the national school of tropical medicine Baylor college of medicine and that he did help to develop an experimental sars fax with open line with Tammy Heidi my name's Tammy Heidi and our email address is open line at inter com dot com let's go with your open mind free for all now free stuff for you to check out black history month exhibit going on through Friday February twenty eighth is going on at the First Street federal courthouse it's the new First Street federal courthouse and there is forty two fine art photographic prints including Miles Davis Billie Holiday Louie Armstrong Duke Ellington.

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