The Bible That Leaks Oil


Well Dan yes does. Have you ever heard of the Oil Bible Lael by Dan Oil? It feels like I should have. Oh goodness gracious Dan. Can we say with the Texas all the whole Jerry Pierce and John Taylor has been traveling? The Nation Dan with the Oil Bible. Okay now let me tell you this Bible when it sort of magically secretes oil. Oh my God right like Ooh from it is clear this oil just flows so gross and they whenever there so apparently part of the the the trick here is the it doesn't actually seep oil when they're traveling only seeps oil at home but people visit them at home in order to encounter the Seeping Oil Bible and They yeah people have attributed healings of course An any pretty much anything you could imagine has been attributed to The Bible It's performing. Miracles is what it is performing miracles. They give away vials of the oil and they've they're growing famous and making a lot of money off the Oil Bible. Well the good folk good folk at let me see. What is this news organization? That's the little local their local news or the Chattanooga Times free press okay because in I. I assume somewhere there in Tennessee in Dalton. If that's a place in Tennessee the town is called Dalton. Okay then the times free press decided they were going to do some investigative reporting. Oh okay so. As any good organization news organization would do so. They started asking around and they got a source at the Dalton. Tractor supply which says that Pierce Right Would consistently go in and and by gallons of mineral okay And but but company policies prevented prohibited him from telling anything more specific than that. But that's pretty. That's pretty damning right there. Yeah so the Times. Free press paid for a series of chemical analyses of the oil that they were giving out the oil that was available at the Dalton. Tractor supply okay. Sure and they sent these analysis or these tests to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Okay that compared the samples and they said that it was the same thing. Oh shocking oil. Petroleum derived and the results quote strongly suggests that oil sample is mineral oil. Just like the stuff for sale. Right okay And then the second test that compared the chemical composition of Pierce's oil to the product tractor supply found a nearly exact match. They're doing mass spectrometry. Is that what they're doing it? The article doesn't get into such thing and using a gas chromatograph. What are they doing? Frank I don't know all right fine. There Ministry though began in two thousand sixteen in the week after Donald TRUMP'S INAUGURATION. And these these two guys So that they had a powerful religious experience As oil began coming out of the Bible. Now these guys are just clearly. Just fucking liars. It's obvious just charlatan right right. They're just soaking a Bible. They dropped a Bible into a VAT of oil one time and then just made a claim about it and then to realize we'll fuck all just just keep doing this and their followers. The people who've been healed people who've had deep religious experiences Are predictably sticking to their guns drinking with them. Yeah even though clearly. It's a fraud. It's a complete and utter fraught. So the the Oil Bible. Let me tell you something. Bats heads new. Here's the thing about human psychology for most humans. It is more tolerable to to believe some to to deal with the cognitive dissonance of believing something you know has been proven true then to change your mind. It's too painful for most people to change their mind and so they would rather deal with being idiots essentially believing something that has been proven false. Yeah well it's you know it's just it's the it's the media. Yeah it's it's Tanic right the devils newspaper Chattanooga Times free press you know yeah. I'm sure that that's satanist. The Lucien Greaves Editor in chief. The Times free press is it good on this local news. I know a great right again. Well done guys. How do they even have any money to do any testing? Probably all pro bono right probably including the reporting. Yes indeed okay. There's there's no money for independent newspapers anymore. That's what we're getting. That's the

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