Los Angeles: Tiger Woods Fades At Genesis Invitational As Top Of Leaderboard Gets Crowded


So You you said you were chasing tiger woods around today. How did he do? Not as good as he did on Thursday You know there's a lot of hope for tiger woods around this tournament because he's the host of it and he's chasing snead and eighty three wins. Two breaks needs record. He's never won here. The best he's ever done twice was second in a tie for second but that was a long time ago but there was a lot of hope for tiger going in and of course on the first hole on Thursday he makes an Eagle Putt to start his day to get the two under. And how far is that Eagle? Putt twenty four feet eight inches. You know and him and Kobe were friends. So there was a lot of Karma there with that. Start but to be honest with you. Tiger looks tired on his second nine. Both days I mean. He looked really good on his first night. Shot four under on Thursday but then on Friday you can see. He had no legs left in his swing and a lot of that has to do with everything that comes with being the host of a tournament. We saw tiger doing things I had never seen him do before six interviews with local. Tv stations which he matvere does it a regular event but when you're the host of event it's kind of what you gotta do.

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