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#162: What Sherrys Not Buying For An Entire Year


Okay. So it's almost the middle of February and I've been doing this thing this whole year. My plan is to do it for all of twenty twenty this whole year very impressive. It's been what seven weeks month and a half already but I think it's kind of Nice to report about it after a month and a half because I've already I've gotten used to it and it's totally sustainable for me but when I told my best friend about this resolution there was like a long silence and then she said I'm drinking water and I'm thinking about it like I could tell that she thought this was a crazy thing. She knows me at this point. She knows I'm going to do it. I don't know when you told me I didn't think it was crazy but I feel like you should just say what it is are. You should quit the suspense. I'm not going to buy closer shoes for a year. So no new clothes. No new shoes no secondhand closer shoes either like not just new. No purchases for my body and that means like no accessories like purses or jewelry or belts to okay so like anything that might be stored in a closet exactly and my only two disclaimers are obviously if something I need wears out like if something insane happens to like the sneakers I wear throughout the winter and I need more sneakers throughout the winter. I can replace them but I'm not gonNA say like a different color. I would have more variety in my wardrobe if I added that new option. Like they're not gonNA be any options. My other address to this is that I do have to store credits. They're like maybe fifty dollars to Nordstrom and like thirty dollars to old navy. That's what I'm GONNA use if there's an emergency so I feel like even in an emergency I break my one bears shoes. I wear all the time and I need them. I think my bank account is not going to shift this entire year. I don't want to jinx. Might well at least on the clothing budget. I'm sure exactly count is going to shift for other reasons right right right right right but I mean this. This resolution is not just then. I'm going to be like. Oh Darn my favorite shirt representing another favourite Scher. It really is like only staples that I really need to survive my favorite shirt ripped. I just wear my second favorite so I don't think people are going to be that surprised by the challenge because you are already sort of known. I guess is having a very compact or minimal wardrobe but I still think it will be a challenge for you as much as the month and a half so far have not been I think as we get through the year especially as the seasons change like you might realize you're shorter on summer clothes than you thought you were or when it starts to get cold again you feel like the Itch to get something warm. Like a sweater or something. I think there will be moments. Where you have to more consciously fight the urge to buy something because I think a lot of us shop for things you know. Even if our wardrobe feels complete just out of the habit or activity of it or just because you know there is that sort of I guess endorphin when you see something that looks nice or fits you well and you put it in your shopping cart. Yeah you're like I deserve this. No I think you're right that it probably won't shock anyone because I'm a really minimal wardrobe kind of Gal but I also think since we've done things for a month like we did like no spend month I do think twelve in a row is like a bigger fee but I am looking forward to it because what I've realized is that when I make a rule for something and actually makes it much easier for me if I were to say I want to just shop less. I don't know that my behavior would change at all. Like I can't have like fifteen French fries and stop. I will eat a thousand French fries or I have to say. I'm not gonNA eat any French fries this moment. That thing on the menu where you can order a thousand French fries do it every time. But that's what I mean like. Moderation is not easy for me grid. Did a whole thing about this. You guys should listen to it. We'll put a link in the show notes. But it's basically like some people are moderators and they can have like five chips. I don't know how you do it. I'm eat the whole bag. And maybe I should explain where this started so this idea started when we did our closet and it was perfect timing because it was literally like Christmas Day when we were loading our closet back with clothes and I noticed I had a few things still tags on them and also noticed. I had a few things that I've been meaning to alter or change in some way. Like an example as I have this really cute tanktop it's leopard-print of Gore's and those straps are too long and so it's GonNa take two seconds to so it but I felt this Pang of guilt that was like why would I ever even look at a store for something else when I already have things that have the tag on or that. I'm waiting to alter to where I should just do that before. I get something new and so that's where it was born. I felt like my closet is full of things and full of options both options that I wear news and also options waiting in the wings. Why should you add or accumulate? More when you're not using the things you already have exactly so I think that made it really like easier. My mind to see as I was loading my new drawers and pull outs and hanging bars and I think maybe a tip for someone at home who wants to embark on a longer term project. Like this like it's not just for a few weeks it's like something you. WanNa keep up for a long time. I definitely think the first tip could be going through what you have because I think even I- minimalist when I was doing it I was like. Oh Yeah I forgot about this. I wanted to shorten the straps. Like it reminded me of all these sort of outstanding dues and then I immediately jumped to. I should do that before I do anything else. Okay while you were talking. I was totally listening by the way. But I was also googling. 'cause that thing you said about Gretchen Rubin right the moderator. I can't remember the opposite. I look it up on something or it's an abstainer there it is. So that's what you're doing you're abstaining completely because it's easier for you to set a rule when it's black or white like you can have it or you cannot there's not that gray area that a moderator can be comfortable with well. I also think there's a gray area between moderator and abstainer in this experiment because I do believe that you could say something like each season. I'm only allowed to buy three items. And so it's not none for a year but it's also not this like amorphous goal of like. I'm just GonNa shop less like maybe defining one new item of clothing per season or some sort of boundary. That feels comfortable to you will help you but what? I've discovered is I immediately. Love this rule already because when someone is like saying this cute dress and. I'm like have enough dresses. It immediately turns it off in my mind. It's like tiny Hester once. Said if you know you don't eat the Burger and someone says. Do you want a burger? It's a really easy no because I don't eat the Burger and so to me. This is just a very easy no when I'm in old Navy I'm not GonNa look for myself because I'm sure I can find something that's cute and by it but it just takes it off the table and a very enlightening way. Like I feel lighter. It doesn't feel like a heavy burden. It feels like something has been lifted. Well I guess we'll keep people posted throughout the how you do. Yeah well I'm interested to know of something breaks and a half to replace it what it will be because it will probably sound insane. Someone else like I'll be guys my one black tank top. Something happens and everyone will probably be like you had one black tank. Somehow a pack of squirrels got inside my drawer. An olive underwear has gone.

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