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Because some now last April now I got the house twice a month to go to the grocery store and some and I go walk over pay my water bill or walk up from their mail at your self and that's it the rest of the time I ordered most my stuff in my mom my chat stuff comes chewy dot com there were right across from my vitamins and everything and it all comes down to well I caught the trailers hepatitis B. and I told the doctor I said that's impossible impossible and he said oh no no it's very easy to catch this is not for me I said I will go on I'm going to ever been in my house right I should get one in their act with other people thank you for calling if it's impossible he said no he said as if somebody cuts their finger and they have hepatitis B. can you pick up the camera stages placed on the shelf in the grocery store right and you can and then you are each something he said it really only takes like ten particle subset of that or you can have a paper cut on your finger well you can reach us very easy to catch so and then when I went but you said you have to kill yourself there is no medication for well really he said it's a flu virus it's a like a flu virus except the tires virus and your body has to overcome and he'll he'll itself now so far here you haven't contracted anything nothing and I haven't been sick ever I got that hepatitis let's keep going and I wasn't sure well I want check with this mortar my I just happen to be hidden looking out the window I saw my reflection and thought well if I can have a chance Amir output at the window the white the white inside your house there's no like Bob they get a lot of files you couldn't see it that one was in the window of a pushover near where I could see my eyes were orange so one of the neighbors room into the emergency room and show you have to stay as long as staying I should have a chance to go home and so once the doctor the next morning and she said we can do anything for you to stay in the hospital you have to go back I said now I should order may catch gear and make your appointment with a liver specialists and so I want to show she did that and that the casting him that and he said it showed that everything was perfect so the doctor said I might suggest cottage so far this year you're lucky let's hope your luck cold well I never had I'm I had the flu lunch is seventeen years seventeen years ago I had a flu bug all this little is twelve or maybe one day I'll tell the whole story that's when doctors made house calls and my doctor right now my uncle is a doctor a pediatrician doctor Sears came to see me and he said he's got the flu don't let them out the house the next three or four days four days later I was ripping