Here's how much each 2020 candidate raised in the 4th quarter


At a whopping war chest for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders a Vermont Democrat raising thirty four and a half million in the final quarter of last year mayor Pete raising twenty four point seven Andrew Yang raising sixteen and a half CBS political analyst Larry Sabato says Sanders numbers here for fund raising puts him in position to compete with pretty much any other candidate except for the billionaires who joined lakes the only candidates he wouldn't be able to compete with our Michael Bloomberg and Tom sire because they're billionaires and they're essentially spending their own fortunes but I think among the candidates raising money there's no question that that Sanders is the winner also today Julian Castro dropped out of the twenty twenty presidential race saying he suspending his campaign so how much is the incumbent rains for his reelection bid here's ABC's Karen Travers with that president trump's reelection campaign announced it raised forty six million dollars in the last quarter of twenty nineteen its biggest hall so far the campaign says it has just over one hundred two million dollars in cash on hand setting up the president with a massive war chest ahead of this year's election campaign says that forty six million dollar figure does not include funds raised by the RNC or any authorized chewing fundraising

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