Here's how much each 2020 candidate raised in the 4th quarter


So who in Castro did you find for well meanwhile Bernie Sanders show more durability is an octogenarian socialist loon bag and pulling Castro should show more life is the victim of a heart attack in middle of the campaign and Lancaster's campaign showed he is the not your number one fund raiser for Q. four in the democratic field blew it out did Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders raise more than thirty four point five million dollars in the fourth quarter according to CNBC independent senator from Vermont and twenty twenty democratic hopeful raise more than eighteen million dollars in December is best month of the election cycle is that I'm incredibly proud to announce we raised but the four point five million dollars from one point eight million contributions in the fourth quarter average contribution just eighteen dollars will prove it you don't need to beg the wealthy and the powerful for campaign contributions in order to win elections I mean at least put his money where his mouth as opposed to was the form he's putting her big fundraisers money where her mouth was that was her campaign no I don't Sanders was towed staffer had a heart attack so error by me not only is he not toast he's actually continuing to show their ability in the polls according to the latest polls in Iowa Bernie Sanders is running a very close second I was State University had a poll just a couple of weeks ago and judge twenty four in centers of twenty one Emerson's poll taken just a week before that and by not twenty three and centers of twenty two at the very least use among the leaders in Iowa there aren't enough polls and some of the states really now in New Hampshire Sanders is actually leading the field according to the real clear politics polling average the latest poll has him running third us from WBUR mass in those early December sant'agnese pulls off enough for us to get a real feel for this but he's showing well in Iowa and New Hampshire in Amanda is running second to Joe Biden all the latest poll from Nevada again is like six weeks old by this point I mean really old by any sort of standard with that said Bernie's got all the money is a lot more money than Joe Biden and people are pointing out that while Joe Biden continues to run strong nationally if you don't have the money and I can help in the primaries so he's threatened Bernie's a real threat the total for the last three months near easily tops money raised by Sanders is rivals with announced in fundraising judge again twenty four point seven million dollars during the quarter many in wine caves every game can paste remember campaign raised sixteen point five million Bucks which is a huge movies yeah she has money to spend Joe Biden it was the four have not yet announced their fundraising what that look like the trump campaign Nancy raised forty six million dollars during the quarter during the third quarter the trump campaign in the RNC pulled in a hundred and twenty five million dollars but this gives you have plenty of money to spend in Iowa and New Hampshire it centers runs the table and I one Hampshire and somehow it captures about it can be very difficult to stop him and that will be fascinating that would be really really interesting yeah wow Bernie Sanders thank you guys make a choice here Democrats go for it really like enjoy meanwhile Joe Biden getting rates over the coals by his own people for the great St I'm suggesting that maybe if you could find a Republican who like to run with a Republican he was asked about this follows on the campaign trail here is Joe Biden floating the idea of a Republican VP nominee I wonder if Joe Biden would consider choosing a Republican as a running mate the answer is I would but I can't think of one person really decent Republicans that are out there still but here's the problem right now on the well known ones they've got a step up no president can buy him or herself handled the job all themselves any longer okay so everybody on the democratic side of the aisle was like all how can you say this okay obviously he doesn't mean that he actually wants to any of these people to do this I guess she doesn't want a Republican who just trying to be nice and trying to suggest a bipartisan the Democrats lost the mind of this how can you say this is gonna be AT you could die in the Republic he's not picking a Republican as his running mate it's not a thing that's going to happen

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