How to spend less time on your tech devices in 2020


Are you resolving to look at your phone a little less in the new year KCBS IMAP bigger has several tips for more healthier ways to use high tech including blocking those annoying spam phone calls one in six Americans receive spam phone calls and texts in twenty nineteen and phone makers are taking steps to stop those annoying interruptions the iPhone and Samsung phones as well as in Google devices have built in settings that let you automatically silence spam calls another app you can use is called high yeah it'll filter out spam calls and let you know what businesses are calling Sharon profis is executive editor at sea net she tells CBS this morning another tip for healthier tack is taking online classes to keep your brain learning new things in the new year and everything from cooking to comedy the older I get the more it becomes specialize in experts in one specific thing it's a really helps our brains we learn new things and you can do that through various online websites that are for courses and if you're trying to have less screen time in twenty twenty you might want to try this turn your phone to grayscale so apps look less attractive Matt Bigler KCBS to season pass holders at north star ski resort that filed a lawsuit against the resorts owner over new parking fees they say were unjustly imposed nor started it would be a charging fees for the first time this season at a major parking lot near the premium parking area the Tahoe daily Tribune says crystal by attorney Steve Kroll filed a lawsuit in December accusing Val resorts of fraud and a breach of contract well says they are already purchased their season passes when the new policy was announced so they shouldn't retroactively be subject to the fees congregants of a Palo alto African American church remain unsettled after disturbing incident last week KCBS reporter Betsy Gephardt says the property was struck by vandalism last Saturday Palo alto police got a call from the A. M. E. Zion church on Middlefield road reporting at least spray painted messages on walls and the church's courtyard the message is reportedly read YG's is why an expletive and another half legible script that may have said god causes pain pastor Colonna Smith reacted in a video on the church's Facebook page we don't know the what of the exact nature of it said we only know the impact dozens of congregants reacted on Facebook concerned about security Smith wonders why his church was here but half a dozen others nearby were not one

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