NBA says former commissioner David Stern has died at age 77 nearly 3 weeks after suffering brain hemorrhage


Time for sports and more on the death of David stern here's a regret you know we had a relationship with the NBA before the Chicago Bulls even play the game stern was hired by the league's law firm back in nineteen sixty six when there were only nine teams and some of them were struggling to stay afloat bulls made ten stern helped negotiate the ABA NBA merger in free agency for players and drug testing in the salary cap it eventually he wondered running the league and then when he retired in twenty fourteen after thirty years as its commissioner the NBA had to thirty teams have broadcast in two hundred countries or territories NBA TV was a thing NBA league pass the WNBA and the league's now a five billion dollar a year industry David stern died today he was seventy seven he had a brain hemorrhage on December twelfth and did not recover bulls forward Scotty Pippen on Twitter calls this a very sad day for basketball calling stern innovator who was almost always the smartest person in the room and who will never be

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