Seattle students told to get vaccinations or not return to school


Were Seattle school system is now saying that the students are vaccinated they can't return to class some of you will think that's a very move some of you will think that's restricted so let me just tell you what's going on we'll talk about it so school students in Seattle have until January aides to get vaccinated or they cannot return to school about two thousand students need their immunization records updated that's going to Seattle school spokesman Tim Robinson the school division sent letters to parents last week and are now offering free immunization clinics help expedite the process comments will be available Monday and Friday of next week they say we're doing everything we can here at the sprint to the finish line to get as many students of that is possible we don't want anybody missing out on any educational time old Robinson told CNN affiliate K. O. M. O. TV that the schools have a plan if students don't have accident by the deadline if a student comes to school in the eighth and the records are up to date they'll just be held aside in the garden will be contacted should a student missed school because the lack of the with his requirements there miss days will be counted as unexcused absences now I know this is going to cause a lot of controversy they say Seattle schools ultimatum to parents follows the law which requires students be fully vaccinated last may Washington legislatures remember pass the bill it became launch a light that families can not use personal or philosophical reasons to avoid having the children vaccinated with MMR the bill's passage followed a measles outbreak of the state earlier that year member governor Jay Inslee had to take care of the class emergency please and all we want is for people all over all we want is for all people are schools to be able to come to school and not worry about getting a disease that is vaccine preventable that's a gorgeous semi hollow and still see Adil schools student health services

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