'Parasite' named first foreign-language film to win best picture at the Oscars


Is one of the big surprises sold many people are talking about this morning the movie parasite first foreign language film to win Best Picture Best Director best original screenplay Best Foreign Language Film my goodness what a night so we're going to bring in our very own K. F. BK's Kitty o'neill she was there live last night at the Oscars by the way saw a picture of you on social media looking terrific last night Abby less good morning thank you guys good morning yeah it was quite a note that last night I mean the where I was backstage the whole room just a rocket in cheers when clarify one Best Picture and I think everybody everybody else though with her you stand by that especially when you consider a phone like the Irishman that went in with ten nominations indigo one saying it was a huge upset so Kitty I'm we've got a a few audio clips that we have pulled for you and and and and there was politics there were some rather emotional speeches so kick us off let's start with Brad Pitt tell us will do the backstory and Brad Pitt if you and then I'll go ahead and roll it here well you know that was the first word in the evening it used to be best Supporting Actor if years ago that kinda switch to that that made it for actor and he was the favorite everybody figured he was gonna get it for one point of time in Hollywood he's been winning all the award you the season and so it wasn't a big surprise but I think you know like first award just right at the beginning of the speech to switch into politics everybody kind of went already yeah okay here here it is here's Brad Pitt taken a shop that president trump I was really disappointed with this week and I think when game and ship trump's doing the right thing it's a it's a it's a sad day and I don't think we should let it slide and you know in a Kitty that was sort of my reaction home too I thought only yeah let's can we just let this wait for maybe two minutes before we go down this path I I think that was the general reaction and I I I was kind of sad by that because everybody think when we do we can have a political free on this we got a you know like having said that backstage he was just very easy to like I mean that aside just really easy going casual made it quite clear he was not comfortable with speaking in front of people he said despite the profession I'm chat I've chosen this is comfortable for me and it went from like that are you having the time of your life he said gosh I I mean with happy they like I hope not I've got other stuff going on right you know that was kind of interesting well someone who has you know self admittedly not been someone very well liked over the years Joaquin Phoenix I mean even sad look enough I could not be a nice guy and and a he had a very interesting speech so that was so wide ranging I mean he hit on a lot of topics it was emotional very emotional and you know in previous speeches when he won the golden globe all he did was talk about his other fellow nominees didn't really even talk about himself and yes you're right clicking he really sees the moment to talk about things that were important to him right for human being van animal people got very specific on that but you know he he is cut from different quad I think you might remember when he was going out of acting completely and had a very strange but memorable interview with David Letterman in which she wore glasses and thirty five calling out right then and it was almost like it if the joke who is this guy so obviously he has lots of different houses in shape but it's very at lotion with passionate and again took hold the moment you put out there what's in his heart but what when when you start when he was when he was seventeen my brother wrote this letter is to run to the rescue with love and peace will follow thank you not I was surprised he brought up with his brother or yeah I know I know it that was really interesting you know that was another thing in my **** hi you guys was people calling out to family members Christine map I love you mom at the end of her song you know she's like that right in and Elton John and his kids in a lot of people talk about their family but but that in that case that was so candor for him you know AT and felt that but he was just point of heart out right are you are you getting on a plane and coming back to work today only yeah so all right well listen you've been a real trooper for getting up so early really we do very much appreciate your

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