She start talking like this they the bail ya it's Google and last night she


Yeah thank you for Oscars last night you got to make a speech for three of them in two of them he ate close by explaining how he was going to drink until the next morning and yeah that's a it was it was it was good I thought it was good and it was expected because everybody knew Laura Dern was going to win everybody knew was eight when he's acting categories were like yeah yeah I am don't tread and there was no upset they're walking river or walking Phoenix is what right but but Renee Zellweger god lover was just a slightly long winded last night and yeah try to embrace the world but she didn't go Matthew you know sat golden globes she must allow pop because at the golden globes she start talking like this they the bail ya it's Google and last night she had no axe at just what she talked a lot yeah it is she she accepted it was the second to last award only Best Picture came after her and Joaquin Phoenix it just come up and given a varying interesting speech in fact I have some of that I want to play for you a second but yeah it appeared Renee Zellweger she got up there and I was like what is she talking about yeah did seem to be all over the place all over the place and it was also like that movie that she won for Judy everybody's basically saying that her performance is incredible but the movie is black and so I don't know at what did you think about the show in general there's no how does I don't like it because it's just it's it's not even there's no transition and you had to many people up there auditioning for next year Steve Martin and Chris rock or auditioning and Kristen Wiig auditioning and I'll see what I thought they were great this is why and then maybe let me counter that that so you you hire a host you get Conan o'brien and so you're gonna get come on in and a fun age musical number at some point and then you're gonna get fined Conan jokes throughout yeah which is good it's good trend they did that and they just formed it out to the you know I open which is now Monday which it was a weird did they have as bizarre to Robert Rogers neighborhood sort of song thing but then they bring out Chris rock and Steve Martin I thought that parchment

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